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  1. Thank you all for all your replies! I will check it out one by one all your suggestions, Thank you all very much! Xxxxx
  2. Thank you ,, Will check it too.. Xx
  3. Oh well,, Will ask that passenger,, Thing is.. Hardly I've got passenger's.. But hey thanks for reply,, You make me lol ---------- Post added 02-01-2017 at 12:02 ---------- Thankyou,will check it now
  4. Hi,happy new year. I've got problem on my Peugeot 206 passengers side floors. Its been wet for a year now..been checked already can't find sort of where it came from.. I put towels on floor and infewdays,its soaking wet even its not raining,,please any advice or idea to help me..I can't take off the carpet I might not put it back..than yous xx
  5. Hi what time the tesco infimary finish? Thanks. X
  6. Thanks for the info. . Very much appreciated. . Will go there this Sunday. . Xx cheers
  7. hello there, is anyone knows how and where to contact the proact stadium carboot please? so then we know whether we come to sell or not? we been there twice and it was not on for 2 weeks,,( twice been there and get back home for nothing ) and i dont know where i can have information to whether they are open or not. any help will very much appreciated. thanks x
  8. hi sorry replied so late ,,as i dont have phone yet till now,, ermmm yes i did,, but that was a day ago before it was gone, thanks to your reply my phone is in the repair center now and i dnt know if they will charge me for repairs,, ( still in full warranty though ) ---------- Post added 02-10-2016 at 22:04 ---------- its not its samsung,, ---------- Post added 02-10-2016 at 22:06 ---------- thank you guys for all your replies ,, my phone is in the Samsung General hospital now,,,, until when,, i dont know,, cheers for all your concern, xx
  9. hello ther, could anyone help about this or maybe advice? my phone suddenly said * NO sim Card * i tried everything after that,, i took out the sim ( i never ver opened my phone before nor took the sim out) but no joy,, pls help . cheers, x
  10. please i need some idea of how much it will coat me to repair this / its sony experia M , 1/4 of the key board i cant see ( turned black) coz of the cracked, any idea how much it will cost to repair? the phone still working perfectly aside from the cracked and some letters on key board thet turned black,, thank you for any comment ,very much appreciated, x
  11. ive got so many of that everyday , hub fall for it ( which is i told him not to entertain them,) so one day, i picked up the phone, and it was them, i ask them so many question, and told them * so you guna ask me to turn my computer yeh? and she said yeh, and i said and you guna tell me to download this thingy yeh ? and she called the * technician,, so when the techinician on the line,, i screamed as loud as i can and bang the phone! ( coz i knew it was scammed, since then , they dont ring again, and if they phone again, i will scream again louder than i could! it worked!
  12. yah, slip of the finger, thanks for reading though,
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