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  1. Advertise at the uni, You could get someone like me who does Physics (Ie science and maths). Or you could ask your school if there is any available help.
  2. THanks for your help people I ended up going to the 'Fat Cat' pub after a recommendation from a friend. Was great, would recommend it to loads of people, traditional food that tasted great, lots of veg options, loads of different beers, all very very reasonably priced. Will be going there again
  3. can I also note my dad is vegetarian Is wasabisabi a sushi place? If so do they do veg sushi too, I might be tempted by that one
  4. Aye, this thing doesnt have to be traditional sunday lunch or anything, any cuisine is accepted. Especially Italian and French, but Chinese, Indian or anything considered! Thanks for your help PS: Went to Mama's and Leonies a fw weeks back and I quite liked it, is it open for sunday lunch? Or are there any bettrer places?
  5. Spoons dont cook their food though, I seem to get luke warm stuff every time I go there. I want a decent meal tbh. Thanks for the advice so far though
  6. As the thread title suggests, where would be the best place to take visiting parents for a sunday lunch. As long as its not overly expensive, im open to any suggestions. They are coming down tommorrow, so I need help quickly. Also carparks nearby would be best, as my dad is still limping really badly after an accident a few weeks ago
  7. Cheers for the recommendations. I have my own shisha pipe, its just I like going out and having one, more fun I think
  8. Wasnt looking for gay places tbh, as none of my friends or me are that way inclined. Just looking for somewhere different to get a drink.
  9. Cheers, Is the forum that place with the pool hall above it? I quite like a lunch time game there.
  10. Im looking for something interesting, different. Getting bore of starbucks type places. I have just moved from york and knew a fair amount of great places there, I just cannot justify getting a train there just for a drink. Any suggestions? On another note: Where can I get a decent shisha in this town? Have not seen anywhere that does them yet.
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