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  1. i would like to recomend garry of s6 d.i.y he has done several jobs at my house from kitchen fitting to gardening.he is very trustworthy realible and fairly priced keep up good work s6 d.i.y
  2. i can highly recomened s6 d.i.y he has just done a few jobs at my house including putting 2 new doors and frames on, tileing my bathroom he has done a very good job at good price too he turned up when he said and also very clean worker thanks for work garry hope the weather gets better for your camping trip first class thanks
  3. i have done this for 18 months for Iron Mountain Cebtral Record Store (Data Protection Act DPA) freindly enviroment famous profiles eg whoopi golberg proper name Carine Jhonstone, (( private firm ))
  4. i have been registered with forde recruitment for 18 mths too 2 yrs keep phoning then but never had anything, my work history is good, but no never had work from them (leapold Street)
  5. i will remove them for a fee i do have transport transit van will 15 quid be ok tel 07766892180 stuart
  6. i will try to fix/ reinstall XP Pro on your computer for FREE
  7. i have 8m broadband and i was told by bt to try http://www.speedtester.bt.com/ all you have to do it enter your phone number NO downloading involved
  8. try universal computers there are 2 computer shops there, i go there often to buy parts, located oposited church near to university roundabout, take the tram get of at university
  9. i delete my cookies everyday manualy and check for hiden files/folders in c drive should be programe files / windows, and documents and settings
  10. do you need XP Pro reinstalling i will do it for free ring me on 07766892180 stuart i Have all software
  11. get a wiless router or card then you get internet for free IF you live near students, that is what i will do when my bt internet runs out
  12. would you like me to reinstall XP Pro for you free of charge, takes about 1 hour, if i knacker your computer then you have mine but i know it will not come to that tel 07766892180 stuart
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