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  1. I would like to thank and recommend Dan2802. He came today to look at what we thought was a leaking roof. It turns out it was actually a leak in the loft. Thankfully Dan is also a plumber, he quickly sorted the problem at a very reasonable cost .Thanks so much Dan!
  2. I would like to say a massive thankyou on behalf of my mum to leepy on here, the s6 handyman. He has done several jobs for her over the past couple of months which have been carried out brilliantly and for a very reasonable price. She has no hesitation recommending him to everyone, in fact she already has done because he's done jobs for her neighbour too!
  3. I hate to say it but I doubt the police would be interested. My son was seriously assaulted in school, punched to the floor and the his head was used as a football and the police did nothing. The assault was caught on cctv too. The school was as useless as the police, excluding the boys in question, only to welcome them back several days later. Needless to say we withdrew our son from the school. Write to the board of governors demanding action and ensure that you make the headteachers life difficult by constantly calling and speaking with him about the incident.
  4. Thought I would add that Andy has just finished plastering another bedroom ceiling and repaired and skimmed a wall for me. Yet again the finish is superb, as smooth as glass and again charged a very reasonable price. Thanks Andy, it's such a relief to know such a reliable and skilled tradesman. And thanks to Sheffield forum too, without it we would struggle to get jobs like these done.
  5. I would like to recommend Rudplast, who came today and boarded and plastered a bedroom ceiling. He turned up bang on time, tidied up after himself and has done a fantastic job (much better than I could have hoped for considering the state that the ceiling was in!) His charges were more than reasonable too. If I have any more plastering I wouldnt hesitate in calling Andy back. His contact details are here http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/member.php?u=111704 Thanks Andy for a brillant job! ---------- Post added 27-09-2013 at 20:00 ---------- Andy (user name Rudplast) has done at short notice a bedroom ceiling for me today. I must say that he has done a fantastic job, so if you are still looking for some one give Andy a call. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/member.php?u=111704
  6. It's a while ago now, but we bought a thukka high sleeper from this company http://www.boxroombeds.com/contact.php?n=n it wasn't cheap, but 6 years later the bed is still like new. They also alter the beds if you need them a smaller size. They used to be on middlewood road but looks like they've moved.
  7. I would like to recommend Sam Lovett of dearne plumbing and bathrooms. He completely gutted our bathroom and then refitted and tiled a new one for us. Not only has he done a fabulous job, but he did it all whilst we were on holiday, so he is trustworthy too.
  8. We used winkworths and were really happy with them. They found us a buyer after 4 months on the market, we did sell during the winter time though! I cant recommend Maureen, chantelle and Steven enough.
  9. And what you do need to remember is bullying happens in every school. Its how the school deals with it makes the school good or bad. My son was attacked in class by 3 boys. At the end of the lesson the teacher allowed the boys to go and kept my son back "so they don't get him in the corridor". During the investigation regarding my complaint the school was unable to discuss this with the teacher as they were on long term sick. How convenient. Chaucer is either unwilling or unable to control what happens either in lessons or at lunch/break times. They would sooner pin the blame on the victim. They even have "conflict resolution" where the child who is attacked is "taught how to deal with being attacked". The girl who had this was also removed from Chaucer by her parents. I feel really sad that my son now has to travel to the other side of Sheffield to go to a school that ensures he is safe due to their zero tolerance to bullying. He should have been able to go to his local school, just like I did when I was a kid.
  10. Exactly, I went there 25 years ago. Never had a problem. In fact I quite enjoyed school. I felt quite uneasy about my son going there though. Guess times change, and Chaucer school certainly had.
  11. I'm not sure who you are, but thank you. He is happy at his new school. Believe it or not, he has been there since October of last year and not had a problem. It was never my lads fault, even though the school did their very best to blame him for being different due to him having dyspraxia and aspergers (albeit mildly). And the senco are non existent once they start school. As you can probably tell I'm still very angry with what happened to my son. He didn't deserve any of it. Thankfully everything happens for a reason and he is now a very happy 12 year old.
  12. Both my son and I have the misfortune of having being a pupil and parent at this "school". He was bullied, hit, followed home, pinned to the floor and gouged with a pen around his face in class and beaten up and kicked in the head (which happened after assurances from the head that the boys who did this wouldn't be able to get to my lad any more, once beaten up and sustaining a head injury due to a kick to the head which was captured on cctv it took them two hours to contact us) during his 7 weeks there. We had numerous meetings with the school, to no avail. Please don't say that there isn't bullying here, because there most certainly is. They did supposedly permanently exclude one of bullies, only to welcome him back to school after we removed our child. We have since learned that the bully has now been thrown out of not only Chaucer but another school too, however there were several others that were involved that got away with it. The bullying only stopped when we withdrew our son from this school. I lodged a complaint which they whitewashed over the facts and gave a very half hearted apology. I found the head and the executive head to be patronising and at times intimidating. Sadly, I wouldn't trust this school to look after a goldfish for the day, let alone educate my child.
  13. Unfortunately your bank won't dispute the transactions as fraud if you willingly gave your card details, even if you were unaware that you were subscribing to a service that charges you. You will be able to dispute the transactions and your bank can put through a request to stop the recurring card payment. Your bank will most likely advise you to contact the company direct too.
  14. Another thank you for Jon Bradley, jbradleybz on here. He came Friday and removed an old gas fire and capped off the pipe. He arrived on time and his charges were more than reasonable. I can see why he is always so busy! Thanks Jon and see you later in the year for a boiler service.
  15. I would highly recommend Richard joy of banner Jones. He was fantastic when dealing with our sale and purchase and we were pleasantly surprised by the final bill too. He is a really nice man who I found to be approachable and helpful.
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