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  1. The gym on Broadfield Road just along from the dairy was called Peak Physique. About 1993.
  2. I can't say I like wasps but don't hurt them either, they eat an awful lot of other pests so I won't have a wasp trap in the garden.
  3. I'm wary of most 'wildlife' and generally give it a wide berth. Why would I chance being bitten or stung by something that I could be allergic too. I move spiders, bees,wasps, etc. outside. If you think that spiders in the UK aren't dangerous take a look here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24636116
  4. Tandy in the hole in the road. Spent hours in there.
  5. Habitat on the moor. Lew Burgins Castle Market. Hobbies at Shalesmoor. The hobby shop on London Road. A strange shop on London Road just down from the hobby shop called 'Chatterbox', never went in but stood out. Jeanery No1 on Fargate?
  6. Don't take this the wrong way but whatever the manufacturer recommends. If you go to Miller Oils site it has a lookup feature. There's more to picking oil than just viscosity. For example - cars with DPFs and such need low ash oils or the DPF blocks more quickly than it should.
  7. To do the job correctly takes some time. A simple inspection first for obvious signs of damage. Vacuum out and capture any remaining gas. Put system under deep vacuum for 30 minutes to 'boil' off moisture and check for leaks. If this is OK then pressurise system with dry Nitrogen gas to check for leaks under pressure, UV dye can be added at this stage to help find leaks. If it passes this then remove pressure, replace drying unit, apply deep vacuum again then charge with recommended amount of correct oil and weight of refrigerant. Simples.... As noted by another poster you should run the A/C every week at least, if you don't the seals dry up and shrink allowing the refrigerant to leak out. Even a tip top system loses so many percent of it's charge every year. A professional company when servicing an A/C system will weigh the amount of refrigerant that is vacuumed and captured to check that the system isn't losing refrigerant faster than it should. A/C systems are charged by weight not pressure.
  8. I was there from 80 to 85. Mrs Pickering was my form tutor - very Farah Fawcett. Rocker Reddish for RE. Mr Ibbotson for Geography then Mrs Priest then Trog Borman Steve Fowler for maths then Miss Thorpe then Steve Fowler again. Miss Dent for general science. Miss Samuels for Chemistry. Mr Kinsey for Physics - smoke stained glasses but seemed a nice bloke. Mr Hurst for metalwork then Mr Dobson then Hurst again. Psyco Parnham for Design Technology - sometimes violent. Mr Bains for swimming. Rick Wakefield for games. Jan Stokes for games and staring at boys in the showers... Mr Holmes (Honeymonster) for Europian Language Studies. Miss Clarke for French. Mr Marshall for woodwork - hateful bloke. Uncle Remus for Woodwork. Smiler Dixon as Headmaster. Dave Dawson for Drama. Mr Sanderson for music.
  9. Some scanners have a document feeder and automatically scan to PDF. I've only seen/used one, it's an agfa product I think.
  10. Usually in the BIOS or in Windows.
  11. Thanks very much. It takes me back to the 70s when I was just a nipper, the six weeks holidays seemed so long and the sun shined in summer (that could be imagination).
  12. I like Wheeler Dealers but the recent switch to more expensive out of reach cars (well for me anyway) just mirrors the rest of the 'car' programmes on TV these days. I hate Top Gear et al, it just seems like a ego trip for the presenters. Still I suppose such programmes are classed as entertainment not factual.
  13. We used to have British Relay years ago, I ended up working with Mick West for a short while and installed an analog Sky system for Pecky. I heard a story once about Pecky and a stick on blue flashing light...
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