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  1. Hows your training coming along Fudbeer? York will be my first marathon too. My long runs were going great (upto 12-13 miles) until around 5-6 weeks ago when I got a niggling achilles that turned into 2 weeks with no training at all. Still easing back in but I've completely fallen off the mileage wagon and can only manage 7-8 miles at most now. Trying to build back up, but I think it's going to be a case of jeffing just to get to the finish line in whatever time it may take.
  2. We bought an Ikea kitchen a few months ago. Used their fitters too. Can't fault any part of it. From ordering to the after care - spot on. It's early days but the build quality seems a lot better than I expected too.
  3. Isn't Portrush on the beach? Can't imagine running on the beach. I'm hoping to take in the Carrickfergus and Westport parkruns later this month when over there
  4. A good news story (I hope) for the new defribs. Any idea which local Park runs already have them apart from Clumber and Doncaster?
  5. Does anyone know anything about the Resolution Run at Rother Valley in January. Very sketchy details on their website. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the 12k route that goes on the rougher terrain paths around the park.
  6. I've just started riding a few months ago and hope to do my full test by Spring. I'm on a Yamaha YBR125, which feels fast for me as a newby But I do struggle on fast roads, esp those with hills. I've been doing a lot of riding around Peaks, finding nice back roads where I can tootle around without cars stuck to me exhaust pipe. As I live out Rother Valley way, I've also found a lot of nice roads around Clowne, Worksop, Chuckney etc. Some nice villages out that way too.
  7. Has there been anything further said on this? I heard another rumour that a jdw was opening in the new development near Drakehouse.
  8. I think they are planning a new 10K here organised by same people that do the HM. Hopefully a better route including some city centre.
  9. Thanks for this. I agree. The old one was much better. I tried the new one a few days ago and it didn't even give me the correct information.
  10. I know Rover Valley is one. There is a model in the visitor centre showing how they flood the area to release pressure downstream. Not sure about the River Don though.
  11. Is anyone doing the Sheffield City 10K on October 4th at Rother Valley?
  12. Someone told me that the 10k/5k at RVCP on Sunday weren't timed events? Does anyone know if that is correct? I cant find anything on them apart from that site. I don't know anybody who has entered.
  13. Trams not running between cathedral and station this morning. Not sure what's happened but our tram terminating at station due to an incident.
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