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  1. If you come out as exactly in the centre on politicalcompass, you might believe half the right-wing stuff and half the left-wing stuff. Someone else who disagrees with you on every issue would also be exactly in the centre. I'm voting Conservative in May. I found the quiz interesting, and it reflected my views. That's all I'm bothered about, end of story. Seems like you've got a bit of bias against UKIP yourself, plekhanov. Why would a local person's personal website offend you so much? If you think it's a little biased, fine - but its results don't seem too far wide of the mark. Do you kno of any other quiz that tries to do this? i remember who should you vote for? and that was good but no longer with us, and lots of ppl complained about that.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions Q: I sometimes agree with more than one of the statements – why do I have to choose between them? A: In real life, sometimes you agree with more than one party’s policy. You simply have to choose the most important one. Often, more than one party has very similar policies on an issue and your score reflects this. For instance, if you choose the Liberal Democrat position on immigration, you will also ‘earn’ some points for the Green Party position. Anyone remember the Who Should You Vote For website in 2005? That's probably a lot closer to the quiz linked to here, but unfortunately that site was down last I looked. Political Compass does something completely different, it tells you if you're left/right, and libertarian/authoritarian. All its questions are vague, it's about your political philosophy. Want a recommendation for who to vote for? You won't get it from political compass. You could DISAGREE with a party on 100% of issues, but share the same point on the left/right, and libertarian/authoritarian scales. I think if you're looking for bias on the vote-jonathan quiz, you can argue it from q6 (and possibly 3 and 4 to an extent) but the other 17 questions are fairly unbiased
  3. Ok I finally managed to get the hyperlink thing to work in the post above!
  4. no I dont think it does I came out as Tory through and through!! I did find the issues covered in the quiz good though, I think there is a statement there that everyone can agree with.
  5. I went to a needle craft show at the Birmingham NEC last year and I was looking for an alternative to cross stitch, but which had a similar style. I attended a workshop and had a go at blackwork. The technique is like backstitch on a cross stitch picture. It was very enjoyable and theraputic, the finished effect is stunning, and when alternating between cross stitch and black work I find I never get bored of the same thing.
  6. I was searching the web finding out info on the 2007 elections in Sheffield and I came across a really interesting site. I did this quiz which tells you which political party you mostly agree with, and I have to say I was pleased with the result. The questions covered loads of issues and gave a good analysis at the end. I wonder what other people think?! The quiz can be found here and the website is http://www.vote-jonathan.co.uk. It also tells you lots about local policies and updates in Sheffield. Does anyone else come out as loathing labour?!! LOLOL
  7. I have to take my hat off to Big Brother this year, not only has it found the most boring C list celebrities ever, but it has had the most walk outs and the lowest ratings. That was of course until this weeks press scandal of racial bullying in the house. Instantly BB ratings soared with over 10,000 extra viewers tuning in to see what all the fuss was about. Call me cynical, but it wouldnt suprise me if BB put Daniella, Jade and Jo up to the bullying stunts to draw in extra viewers. I have to say how disappointed I am with this series and I wont be tuning in to another. Does anyone else agree? and does anyone know which charity the thousands of pounds GB viewers spend on voting goes to?
  8. Recently I stumbled across a lovely restaurant on West Street at the top near Glossop Road. This place is Italian and has a fab lunch deal, its a soup (usually soup of the day) and any pizza or pasta for £5. I have to recommend it, the atmosphere is great and the food is wonderful. It is open in the evenings too with a pasta dish priced at around £7.50. Yum Yum
  9. I am a keen cross stitcher and have found Hobby craft a great place for a large selection of kits, also try ebay. It is a safe site, with secure payment options and hundreds upon thousands of kits all at great starting prices. Happy Stitching
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