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  1. does anyone know if bowshaw or bakewell is on this weekend tried to phone the contact numbers but not working cheers
  2. hi all wanting to do a car boot this sundaydont want marsh lane can anyone recomend any where thanks
  3. Hi i was wondering how i can get my smoke alarm's fitted. I have just moved into a house that does not have any.
  4. Thanks i'll get one of them! do you think a humidifer would also help!
  5. If my house has no air bricks.....how can i prevent anyting coming back........
  6. The house does not have air bricks, it does have cavity wall insulation.
  7. If it's private rented hun, you need to contact the landlord, damp proofing is there resonsablilty...... you should'nt be living like that.....
  8. Yeah the house has got cavity wall insulation, and no air bricks.......
  9. I'm moving into a new house and the preivous people left it in a a right state, there is black moud and mildew on the windows where they have not opened them whilst in the bathroom etc Whats the best way i can get rid of it........ Thanks
  10. where about in woodthorpe, so i can keep a look out too, i'm on Chadwick road!
  11. I saw her last time she came to G casino! She was fantastic will be going again this time. Would recommend this lady to everyone.
  12. thank you, thats very kind. hope you have a great new year!
  13. cheeky sod! you do have an option when claming HB to pay direct to landlord still. i'm doing that now!
  14. yeah i have a bond and mths rent maybe i should lol!
  15. I have recently had to apply for housing benefit, due to my marriage breakdown, and having to give up work to look after my little boy who is being tested for autisum, i have worked all my adult life. I am having to move out of my rented house and am looking for somewhere else to live. I have seen a few that would suit us, but Why is it that they always put NO DSS. If you recieve DSS you can get the rent paid straight to the lanlord, so surley i would be more suitable to someone who is not DSS. It just makes me so mad!!! :rant:
  16. i was employed to work 9-1, and i would like to change to 9-12, i work in creche/nursery so i can bring him to work with me which i do now, then leave at 12 to get him home have some lunch and take him to school at 12.50. i wasn'nt aware of the flexable hours things will employers. i dont think it's to much to ask the creche closes at 12pm and i only do the extra hour in the nursery to cover dinners!
  17. My little boy has just started nursery school in the afternoon's. My currant job will not let me change my hours to suit with the school times, so i am having to leave. I've thought about childminders and family but as my little boy has learning difficulites he does not like change and i would no put it upon another person to go though his tempers he sometimes has. To get back to the point. . .. . . i am looking for a little partime job whilst he is at school, just so i'm not unemployed, but there's nothing out there unless it's evening work.... does anyone know where i can look to find jobs like these?
  18. i went last year with family it pathetic. i couldnt believe a city of our size couldnt put a decent show on.having said that we are gluttons for punishment we are going again this year and taking our own food and bbq so we shall see what this year brings
  19. no i dont get that its a dell latitude d600
  20. tried that but that does not come up
  21. hi i have a dell laptop which i am selling but i need to set it back to original settings so all my files /data etc are erased thing is i dont know how to do this i have looked but i havent got a clue any help would be grateful thanks
  22. We were ordering as a treat for my daughter, as we had a car accident and she was very brave, we asked her what she wanted and that's what she chose from the menu's we had trough the door, we rarely have take aways!!!
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