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  1. The RSPCA have taken the kittens, the guy from RSPCA said that they are way too young to be out and the older cat was spade so the older cat was mothering the kittens. Hopefully she'll go back home now... fingers crossed.
  2. there was no point in knockin on the door as the person wasn't home. Had to turn off all the lights via the fuse box but thankfully today something has been done about it. the person on the top floor isn't actually living there. but this person is renting the property through a charity in sheffield. according to the keir workers who had to gain forced entry that the flat was bare. the only thing in the flat was a washing machine, which is what caused all the problems, so they fixed the problem and turned off his water. Now it's just a case of tryin to dry everything out.
  3. The plumber finally came out today ( I'm Mikeybear's partner ) but he can't do anything until he can get in touch with the tennent who lives above me, whos flat is also flooded. The Kier plumber tried phoning him but his phone is switched off. We've done all we can do for now, meanwhile the water damage is getting worse every minuet and the bedroom carpet is like a swimming pool. we're have to put black bags down aswell as towels.. I'm ready to tear my hair out:loopy:
  4. Ok, so Sunday evening i noticed water damage in my bathroom, yeah i know what your going to say it's a bathroom! but water damage above the toilet and door, the water dripping down the wall. Then my partner calls me into the bedroom and my carpet is absolutely soaked! and water dripping down the wall near the light switch, spreading across to the other wall, and same in the kitchen near the door. water dripping everywhere! So sunday evening i called the council to report it as i think it's coming from the flat above me, they said they'd try get in touch with the tennent. got my mother to call them this morning, and they said they'd send someone out.. Nobody came. I phoned again this evening and they said they'd tried to get in contact with the tennent above me, but no reply from him. so the person i spoke too said she'd sent the day team an email, but theres nothing else they can do, as if the water is coming from upstairs and theres no one home they'd have to get forced entrey. So a few mins ago i went into the kitchen to get a drink and dry what i can from the wall, and as i went to turn the light off i got electric shocked and the light switch itself is hot!! I am so angry right now!!! yet theres nothing else i can do!!!
  5. Ahhh that makes sense as thats where i live lol. Thanks
  6. Is anyone in the S2 area having problems with their water supply? when i turn my tap on the only water i get is a slight trickle.
  7. I hope they catch the scum bag and hang him from his b*lls! I live very close to earl marshall pub. My boyfriend was just coming back from the co-op and there was two police cars outside the earl.
  8. This has probably already been done, but i was wondering if anyone on here can help me. I am in desperate need to be seen by a dentist, but the problem is, I am absolutely terrified of them. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a dentist in the s2 area who is amazing and understanding of peoples phobia's. The last dentist i saw made a mess of my mouth and face, i had a swollen face, black eyes and couldn't eat or drink. Thanks.
  9. I would highly suggest camden market as it's apparently the biggest market in the uk, and also i highly suggest you visit the london tombs, they are so much fun
  10. they don't do "crisis loans" anymore but they still do budgeting loans/social funding loans because i had one not too long ago, so whoever told you that, is bullsh*tting you.
  11. Have you tried a budgeting loan from the job centre? you can get up to 350 for a single person. these loans are interest free and paid back at a limit you can afford.
  12. Not too long ago i read something on itv news that to be honest is absolutely hilarious! They are trying to Ban "killer" shrimp and Zebra muscles. Now some of you might not think this is not a laughing matter, but personally i think it is absolutely stupid and hilarious! What are your thoughts?
  13. I have used wonga, and to be honest they're not as bad as people make them out to be. i got myself in to a rut and the debt mounted up to £250 and they agreed on a payment plan of £30 a month, paid it off, no problem.
  14. i would rather be served by someone who has had a ciggy, and smell of smoke, over someone who has been stood outside in the rain without a shelter and have them smell like wet dog!
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