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  1. Also, the MOT is about a week overdue ... how long have I got to get it done? And what is the fine or other penalty? Many thanks in advance. BM
  2. Hi all I need an MOT on a car I've just acquired. There is a garage really close to where I work (Rex). Has anyone used them? Have you found them to be honest and good value. I'm not looking for slander - just hoping for some recommendations from people who have used them. Many thanks
  3. I was wondering about going along to a Forum meet. Sheffield being the world's amallest village and all that - what puts me off is walking into somewhere and being confronted by someone you know ... (which COULD be OK) but worse - someone you know and don't LIKE. Or THEY don't like you. Has this happened to anyone?
  4. Thanks - I will write it all down in advance - maybe I won't be there for too long then. I am only claiming contributions based - which I have paid for donkey's years - makes you wonder what the contributions are for if they make it hard to get any help. I agree about hard when no money for transport etc. Thanks for the message.
  5. Oh dear - that doesn't sound too hopeful! Thanks for the tip though. As it is on Monday at 0900 they are likely to be even more evil? Mind you, I can be pretty evil on Monday mornings!!!
  6. Err .. yes, thanks! It does help ... but what about afterwards - do they send you to random interviews for jobs you don't want? I haven't got much confidence in them after all the hassle I've gone through so far to get nothing sorted.
  7. Hi all - I have been attempting to claim JSA for about a month and a half. Have been given lots of different answers - and today someone withdrew my claim and told me to call back. Which I did and now it seems my claim will only start from today. I have to go to an interview now - to try and get some money out of them. What happens at the interview and after? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  8. Well, yes, it is called Thyme Cafe - but how many cafes do you know that charge 12 quid for fish and chips??? So, I don't think it really is a cafe? It was called that to distinguish it from the (old) Thyme restaurant in Crosspool (now renamed Artisan/Catch). Anyway - the food is good - but I really think for the prices they charge they could come and ask you what you wanted?
  9. Where DOESN't get a good review in the Star and Telegraph???
  10. Is the Mangla near to the Kashmir? Is it the same sort of place?
  11. I agree about Cafe Guru food, but has anyone noticed the service is a bit pants? Every time I've been we've waited ages for a menu to arrive and to be asked if we want drinks. Bloomin marvellous food though!
  12. Thyme at Broomhill is good (although oddly you have to go to the bar to order all your stuff The Ivory is good and also Boho ... but none of these are new are they? Sorry not more help!
  13. Point taken - I am happy to clean up after her and I get a flippin big pile of do doo in my front 'garden' as it has pebbles down ... ho hum ...
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