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  1. Think we get our 5 day. Never really sure what counts as a portion though....until I bothered to look it up just now. Portion size
  2. A possible alternative name suggestion. Damien is all to obvious! Nero
  3. mmmmm I don't think they've considered the possibility of twins.
  4. The next problem is that the only way in or out of this godforsaken Bolton involves (you guessed it) the A666. Perhaps we will not invite them round too often for fear of it forming a large chasm.
  5. I expect some people would chose the 6th for novelty value. At least it should be easy to remember.
  6. Our friends have just found out their baby is due on June 6th 2006. Any advice?
  7. I used to live on Park Hill. Now I live in Manchester in one of those very done up mills that looks great. OK, it's prettier than Park Hill, but loses on so many other features. It's stunning to look at but it's superficial and in reality it's really quite an impractical way of living. We've been here a year and only know what our neighbours look like because of the odd fire alarm going off in he middle of the night. We knew our neighbours at Park Hill by name and even had the occasional conversation with them. Because of the layout of this place - all modern and open plan - we never see the sun even though we have beautiful double height windows. It is entirely north facing and buried in a valley. I really do miss our south facing Park Hill flat with it's windows and natural light. I miss our little balcony. I miss the amazing views we had from there. I miss the 7 minute walk into town, the train station on the doorstep. Park Hill has had it's problems, but it also has alot going for it and done well this project could make it a huge asset for Sheffield. The arguments about druggies and lowlife is redundant - they aren't there any more and besides they were never there in quite the numbers most of Sheffield seems to believe. As a former resident, my view of Park Hill is not so much about the way it looks from the outside, but the living environment. Not to everyone's taste, but at least it has character, unlike all the soul-less identikit West One style buildings constantly going up everywhere. If we were moving back to Sheffield in the future I would very seriously consider returning to Park Hill.
  8. Air Berlin will get you to Zurich for less than £100. Train to Basel from there shouldn't be too stressful (? about 3.5 hours). The train to Basel only takes 5 hours or so from Paris as an alternative. Strongly urge you to have a look at British Airways Seems they can do Manchester - Basel via Heathrow for less than £200.
  9. Wondering why we haven't received our films for the weekend, some digging revealed this message buried in the help section IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS! Please read. Question We have experienced a fire in the warehouse which will lead to a temporary disruption in service over the next few weeks. Answer As a result of this fire, there will be no dispatches until Tuesday at the earliest; we hope to manage partial service by the end of next week. We thank you for your patience during this time. We will be offering full compensation for any loss in service that you experience. More details on this compensation will follow early next week. Might have been nice of them to mention it on their front page......oh well back to the 100 greatest movies ever
  10. iFilm Trailer Can't find a UK release date???
  11. We spent £12 each for this 'luxury' and it was disappointing to say the least. Yes the seats were big and comfy, but to see all of the screen properly we had to sit bolt upright and it all seemed very far away. The nibbles were rancid - extremely salty nachos with disgusting runny cheese, popcorn and a plate of Quality Street. Drinks from the bar were NOT free, but tea/coffee from a machine were. You can take your drinks and snacks in with you but there wasn't enough space to put it down and it just means you end up needing to wee halfway through the film! Not worth the bother in my opinion.
  12. I travelled down to Cambridge from Manchester on Wednesday evening via Euston/Kings Cross intending to make the same journey back yesterday evening. I fully expected not to be able to do it, but as it happened I had little choice and returning via London was my only option. I wanted to come home so had to just do it. It was a bit of a surreal experience. 4pm on a Friday and both Kings Cross and Euston were eerily quiet. The streets around the stations were packed with police, journalists and photographers. My attitude is that fear and paranoia just limit us from getting on with our lives. I think the worst from a personal point of view is that my girlfriend was waiting at home and her anxieties were more heightened. Being at a distance, seeing it all unfolding on the news feeds the imagination but in reality there are some things you can't anticipate and sometimes you just have to get on with it.
  13. Hmmm... I had some very happy years there and it is indeed a bit on the sad side to go back and see the place in such a state. The essential services (rubbish collection etc) seem to be being maintained - though obviously there are less people there to clean up after now. If they did it right it could gain the same kind of modernist chic as Trellick Tower in London or Park Hill's French cousin the Unité d'Habitation - which we plan to visit in September: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unité_d%27Habitation Bring on the rooftop swimming pool I say!
  14. As far as I know the Parkway Tavern is still not boarded up. I can't say if it is still open as we were only there having a nose for about half an hour. The other two have been closed for years. I only ever went in the Scottish Queen once and was utterly terrified. Does anyone have any memories/stories about the pubs on the estate?
  15. The other week while on a return visit to Sheff, I ventured up to Park Hill and took some pictures of my old front door and the surrounding wilderness. It's all rather sad and boarded up at present due to the ongoing attempts to clear and renovate the place. Click here for the pictures
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