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  1. To be honest, I wasn't a believer but after trying to read that I'm begining to think an alien form is now posting on SF.
  2. It's not far, walk! It takes 15 minutes from here.
  3. Do you reckon you'll be able to keep hold of Terry, Lampard and Essien for next season?
  4. A dive of a place. The sooner it's demolished the better. I agree with what has already been said, always full of dodgy characters that looked like they'd spent their dinner money on crack.
  5. Or Frames as it's known to us old timers. Top place. There's one at Gleadless Townend too.
  6. Finally reaching that bogey that's been there all afternoon.
  7. No one will employ you until you're 16. Get a paper round in the mean time.
  8. A grand a pop I'd grass on my best mate.
  9. Funny this thread should crop up as the very subject crossed my mind the other day as I was perving at the girls on Ecclesall Road. Anyway I lost count after the wife.
  10. At 23 you seem pretty young to be looking for friends via an internet forum. Why not just visit your local pub and gradually get to know people of a similar age and of similar interests? Failing that get yourself to that swingers club in Attercliffe....
  11. I've just got a copy off Amazon. I'll get round to reading it one day.
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