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  1. Hi there that is the first I have heard of the Master Cutlers Challenge. I dont think his school or college are involved in this. I will ring the Master Cutlers up tomorrow and find out more about it.
  2. My son (who is in Y10) is looking for a work experience placement in engineering He is on a Young Apprenticeships (Engineering) and he needs to do work placement in February and October 2012. He also has to do work experience with school in June and July 2012, it would be nice if he could have a variety of employers so he can see different types of engineering. Does anybody know if there are any engineering firms that do work experience in Sheffield for a 14/15 year old? If anyone can help out, I would be grateful. Please contact me by reply or PM.
  3. Hi Kezzzza I grew up on Morland Road from 1967 to 1992 then moved to Creswell however I couldn't stay away from Gleadless very long and I am now back, I live behind the Far Lees pub which is now closed. My freinds were Mark, Fiona, Scott, Jill, Sharon, Brett, Marie, Karl & Dean to name a few these were all on Morland Road / Drive and will be aged about 40 now. I have really enjoyed reading this thread as it has brought back a lot of fond memories, and have to say its not like it used to be but it is still better than a lot of other places I have been.
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