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  1. Target inn in hyde park flats there was a hard hat area outside because the residents above took the name literally and used to throw things like televisions from the floors above. inside it made the slaughtered lamb seem like the friendliest pub in the world. wasn`t sure me and a mate were going to get out alive. All because wards had a pub hunt card offering free sweat shirt and a gallon of beer.
  2. excuse me medusa but did you go and see Simon and Garfunkle at wembley stadium twenty odd years ago because if you did i think i stood behind you . i could only just look over your shoulder but my you were pretty lol
  3. bang on 6ft but my sons make me look short
  4. one of the best for me was when other half sent me to some friends to collect something. When i got there they told me to go up stairs and change into my suit and tie which was waiting for me. I came down again and they blindfolded me and put me into a taxi. Because she had made effort i went along with it and kept blind fold on. we drove for ages and the driver hardly spoke at all ,at one bit he got out and left the cab to ask for directions. The cab eventually stopped and two women helped me out and walked me up a path. One of them said you`re very brave letting your OH do this, I thought oh s**t its bungy jumping. They took me inside and handed me a parcel containing some joggers and a sweatshirt and asked my shoe size Huh, then they gave me a pair of ski boots. I came out and OH had been in taxi all along and never said a word. She had booked sking lesson at the then newly opened ski village. Afterwards we had champagne at little country pub and a meal then back home . and a gentleman never speaks of what went on next. Needless to say we`re still together 22 years on I took her for a flying lesson to repay the gesture and she loved it and a hotel in scarboro
  5. my hair is black with silver highlights cause i`m worth it and my eyes are limpid pools of brown I just cant be bothered at my age to mess about with " Just for vain B******s "
  6. me and mates went to see alien at gaumont but bus was late when we got to cinema there was thirteen single seats left, so couples were walking away. We decided to go in. Sat in packed cinema watching scary film with no one to joke and whisper to made it ten times worse. Such an awsome film first time out.
  7. holy wet feet batman the bat trailers leaking I know robin pass me the bat anti leak sealant. sorry couldn`t help it
  8. the foo fighters were awsome at arena Dave grohl never stopped moving but also enjoyed Thin Lizzy at city hall. My son bought tickets it turned out to be thirtyth aniversary of Live and dangerous album my son went to front and let his hair out of pony tail it made me feel really old because thirty years ago that was me and my mates on the original tour. Gig would like to have seen was justin Currie (del amitri singer) at leadmill but was away in Zante
  9. how about song by jim croce you dont mess around with jim you dont pull on supermans cape you dont spit into the wind you dont pull the mask off the old lone ranger and you dont mess around with jim ( was used in a mitsubishi advert with slight word change)
  10. yes i guess you do shes thinking of going to meet him with a few heavy people she knows just to teach him some respect
  11. my son lost his phone out walking in derbyshire two days later woman rang me and son went and collected it back from chaple en le frith. He gave them a fiver for their trouble and everybody happy. At weekend wifes friend lost her phone she rang it up and guy answered offered to sell it back to her for thirty quid she told him to stuff it. Awhile later he rang her up and said she could have it back if she went on date with him how cheeky is he so there are good and bad out there hope yours come good
  12. it gave me an option to save it for one day so asumed could ring up a numaber and listen again
  13. just recieved a text message to my virgin land line. answered call and text was read out could anyone please help me and tell me the numbers to ring to listen to the text again once its been saved
  14. to a great degree i think a dna data base would be a great help in solving many crimes. The thing that bothers me is the incompetent politcians that will have control of the system, and how good the system will be. In view of the millenium dome, wembley and the nhs computer fiasco it will end up a complete farce. It will turn out to be yet another expensive drain on the average tax payer, where once again costs will spirall way above the original proposals. Also what about the thousands upon thousands of illegals that are already in the country, then all the religious groups opting out. Dont worry about it the whitehall idiots will never sort it out no matter which party is in power. All the while the true criminals will be laughing their b******s off and hiding behind the human rights act.
  15. might be wrong but not sure you get enough heat with a soldering iron.Me personally i would use oxy/acetylene brazing torch and silver solder them together using a sif flux
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