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  1. Now before I get jumped on, I'm not claiming the Liverpool side in the late 80's was the best of all time! However, the performance and total demolition of Brian Clough's (very good) Nottingham Forest was seen by many (and was quoted as been) the finest exhibition of football ever. Liverpool 5 Nottingham Forest 0 was the final score and for those who have never witnessed that game, here are the goals: The Liverpool team at this time was machine like that played amazingly good, fluent football. Here are some quotes/opinions that followed the Forest demolition: At the end pundits and the press alike struggled to put into words what they had witnessed. Tom Finney, arguably the greatest English player of all time, called it “the finest exhibition I’ve ever seen the whole time I’ve played and watched the game”, while future UEFA President Michel Platini was moved to describe Liverpool as “a continental team, not an English one”. In Barnes’ autobiography some ten-years later, Barnes himself claimed it was “the best Liverpool performance I ever played in”. The greatness of the performance was brought home by the BBC’s decision to show the highlights the following night in a one-off special, in the days before football was a seven-days-a-week event. This is all probably a waste of a post going by past history of this forum where Liverpool is concerned but just thought I'd throw it in there anyway.
  2. Isn't the grass a nice color at The Racecourse Ground? Thought if we were just posting random passing comments that are totally off-topic, then I might as well just throw that one in.
  3. Hahahaha Not even wasting my time Pleck lad. If you seriously can't see the difference/improvement since Roy left and Kenny arriving then what's the point? Carrol n Suarez over Torres everyday of the week for me mi old fruit!!!
  4. I think it's fair to say I'm much happier now that Kenny is in charge rather than Roy who, let's be honest, had us threatened with a relegation scrap. No doubt excuses for Roy will be made on here but the facts remain that only Manchester Utd have gained more points than Liverpool since the day Roy got the bullet. It's also nice to see (barring one or two performances) the brand of football which is now being played, 200% better than the dross Roy had planned week in week out. Like you say, I along with many have had to adjust on how we view this season but I'll tell you this, the future looks a lot brighter now than it did not so long ago Pleck! In fact instead of a relegation battle (which is what we were heading for under Roy) we could now possibly snatch 5th from Spurs! Looking at their run in compared to ours, it's not unachievable really is it? Agreed, 5th isn't acceptable for Liverpool, but it is if you consider the first half of the season and where we were under Roy? Oh and yeah, spanking Chelsea away, Man City and Utd with relative ease does make for happy days when you've had to sit through 6 months of eye-bleeding football that Roy sent them out playing! Suarez n Carrol though? Pheewww I mean Carrol is good, but Suarez? Suarez is god mate!
  5. In his first two seasons at Liverpool, was there a better striker in the world? Possibly not, which deems me correct with what I said at the time. Then Torres had a few injuries and something happened, I don't know what but it did. He was poor in his final 6 - 12 months at Liverpool but nobody could have predicted just how terrible a player Torres would become for Chelsea! Not only can he now not even control a football, beat a man or pass a football, but his arrival has also caused rifts within the Chelsea camp, almost certainly sanctioned the transfer of Drogba away from The Bridge and also put the man in charge under massive scrutiny every times he selects the £50m pound man? Am I more or less accurate with what I'm saying? I believe I was right at the time on both occasions but I have to admit, when making the first statement when Torres smashed himself onto the scene at Liverpool, I could never have predicted the scale of the demise that would take place and that Liverpool would even somehow gain £50m (or Carrol and Suarez) upon his transfer to Chelsea! Happy days mate. Not sure this can even be contested?
  6. Breaking reports have surfaced that Chelsea’s new misfiring number nine Fernando Torres is reportedly planning a summer return to Liverpool Football Club. A spokesperson for Chelsea said, ‘Fernando has expressed a desire to leave the club for pastures old and has indicated that Liverpool is to be his destination of choice, his agent has told us that he’s not happy and the main reason being that he’s upset about the amount of traffic within London’s city centre which makes shopping for hair dye a ******* nightmare.’ Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has told Liverpool Football Club that if they wish to resign the Spaniard that an offer of £11,000,000 will be the minimum that they expect in regards to an initial fee. Sky Sports News managed to speak to a CFC (Chelski Fan Club) spokesman about the shocking breaking news. Super fan Sep Blatter said, ‘To be honest its a huge blow, he was one of the most attractive members of the side and had increased female attendance figures dramatically, with players like John Terry and Ashley Cole now once again at the forefront of our female sex appeal, figures are likely to take a huge downward swing almost immediately. Torres has scored 0 goals in 11 games since his January transfer from Merseyside providing an impressive goal scoring ratio of 0 in 11. There’s been no officially word from any Liverpool officials but the unofficial word is, ‘Chelsea can keep the blonde haired traitor and we’ll keep the £50 million we scammed them for!’ We’ll have to wait and see how this story develops.
  7. Yes please Sir, thanks for that And before the 'Carrol's not worth £35m' chants come rolling in... Maybe not, but he's younger, hungrier, massive potential and has scored more goals and contributed so much more in the few games he's labored through since coming back from injury, than Torres has done in each pathetic performance that he has churned out since joining Chelsea. Suarez..... Say no more squire. In todays market, £23m was a snip. The man's a bloody genius Think it's fair to say Liverpool got the cream in this deal whereas Chelsea, their still pulling their pants up
  8. How can someone like you say he can't? Gerrard (although maybe wrong) has played alongside one of the players mentioned and played against the other. Where is your qualifications?
  9. Premier League Games Only Torres Stats - (Past 3 Seasons) 2009 - 2010 Apps - 22 Gls - 18 2008 - 2009 Apps - 24 Gls - 14 2007 - 2008 Apps - 33 Gls - 24 Total Appearances - 79 Total Goals - 56 Drogba Stats - (Past 3 Seasons) 2009 - 2010 Apps - 31 Gls - 29 2008 - 2009 Apps - 15 Gls - 5 2007 - 2008 Apps - 17 Gls - 8 Total Appearances - 63 Total Goals - 42 Not done much? Torres hasn't done much? Unless the above stats are wrong (which they are not), Torres has been injured LESS than Drogba over the past three seasons and has also out-scored him. In 2007-08 Torres hit a total of 33 goals including 24 in the league to overtake Ruud van Nistelrooy to become the most prolific foreigner ever in a debut season in England. Torres then topped off an incredible season by helping Spain to Euro 2008 glory in Austria and Switzerland. It was he who scored the winner in the final against Germany. A series of hamstring injuries disrupted 2008-09, though a haul of 17 goals from 38 appearances (all comps) aided Liverpool's best title charge since 1990. Torres spent a large part of the summer that followed in South Africa, where an awesome 11-minute hat-trick against New Zealand saw Spain through to the Confederations Cup semi-finals. He returned to England hoping to help the Reds finally collect the Premier League trophy - but it would prove a troublesome year for both player and club. Injuries to our leading marksman undoubtedly contributed to a disappointing seventh-place finish in the league, though Torres still tallied 22 goals from 32 games in between two knee operations. The guy hasn't had a break from football due to International Competition and Club Competition since he first arrived at Anfield! No bloody wonder he is having some injury problems Yet still his goalscoring record is second to none in terms of goals/games ratio. Torres hasn't done much you say I ask ya
  10. Now I'm not 100% sure on this but I've a feeling that if you check the stats (cos I can't be arsed), D Drogba may just have been injured as much, if not more than Torres has over the last 2 - 3 season's! I bet I'm not far wrong Torres is not what you would call 'injury prone'. In his first season at Liverpool and his whole career at Atletico before that, he was relatively injury free. These last two past seasons has been more of a case of him being rushed back too quickly from an initial injury resulting in him picking up frequent little niggling injuries. Plus the fact the guy hasn't had a break (holiday) away from football in over 3 years what with the Euro's, Confed's and the World Cup. That sort of program would take it's toll on most players if we're honest.
  11. Kiddin right? It would be Drogba that suffered with the lack of playing time. He'd be too busy cleaning Fernando's boots!
  12. What official source? That's not what Hodgson says here: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=810119&sec=transfers&cc=5739
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