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  1. Monday 2nd December 6.30pm for 7.00pm Jane will connect with loved ones and friends, bringing evidence of eternal life At Spoon Cafe Bistro 20 Abbey Lane Sheffield S8 0BL Tickets £25 (including delicious Supper) Contact: Jacky 07972068371
  2. If anybody in the Sheffield 8 area wants to stop by our yard sale on Saturday (23rd Feb), details are below: Lots of bargains available - kids' toys, prams/pushchairs, carseats, kitchen goods, household items, bric-a-brac, TV/ electricals, collectables, and the odd bit of furniture. Moving house so lots of lovely things need new homes. If interested, drop by to 905 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0SS between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday. See you then! Message me if require further details. Thanks,
  3. I remember 25 years ago when I lived at South Anston, a group of my neighbours used to share friendship cake, very nice it was too....probably still doing the rounds over there!
  4. Although, don't forget that sugar free fizzy drinks are actually harmful to our teeth, and sugar free cola drinks actually disolve your teeth!!! Urgh I say drink water, from the tap - cheapest form
  5. Just wondered if you had any luck with your cake hunt?
  6. Has anyone had any problems with Carpetright? I would be very interested in your experiences......
  7. I would just like to say a big thank you to all those who attended our Car Boot Sale at Woodseats Primary School today. We have raised £400.39 for the Alzheimer's Society
  8. Car Boot at Woodseats Primary School, Chesterfield Road, please see first post for full details thanks
  9. Woodseats Primary School, this Saturday, selling from 10.00am until 2.00pm plenty of space for stallholders and buyers alike. Refreshments available. £8.00 per car and £12.00 for large vans to stand and 20p each admission. Please ring Jacky on 07870502699 to book/enquires. In aid of the Alzheimer's Society
  10. I still have some places left for the car boot sale on Saturday 30th April at Woodseats Primary School if anyone would like to book, although you could just turn up and see if there is space on the day? Booking would be better though. Details are: Car Boot Sale 30th April 2011 10am-2pm Booters in from 9am £8.00 per car £12.00 per large van Woodseats Primary School Chesterfield Road (opposite Tesco) Sheffield S8 0SB tel 07870502699 to book All proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society Thanks for reading my post and thanks to Rozeepozee for putting all car boot information together
  11. Woodseats Primary is a very good school. My younges daughter went there. The staff are brilliant. You should visit all the schools that are local to you, as with leaving your child/children anywhere look at all of the options!
  12. Hi Rozeepozee, I am organising a Car Boot Sale next weekend here are the details: Car Boot Sale (in aid of the Alzheimer's Society) at Woodseats Primary Schoool Chesterfield Road Sheffield S8 0SB £8.00 per car 10am to 2pm gates open for booters from 9am to book a space please ring Jacky on 07870502699 thanks for any support you can offer Jacky x
  13. Car boot sale next saturday - 30th april 2011 woodseats primary school chesterfield road (opposite tesco) s8 0sb 10.00am to 2.00pm £8.00 per car some spaces left ring 07870502699 for details in aid of alzheimer's society
  14. I was in Graves Park recently with our two dogs, Charlie and Bella. Bella was walking dutifully on her lead as usual (in order that she doesn't eat any other dogs), and Charlie was doing the rounds, as he does, marking every tree and stone in the park. He was a little way behind me and I turned to call him to discover he had gone right up the bank about 16 feet high, (he normally manages these areas without any problems being a springy spaniel) but at that moment I noticed his back leg just trying to regain a foothold.... I couldn't do anything to help him. He came over the edge, turning legs waving. I was rooted to the spot, sure he was going to die......, he floated down in a cloud of leaves, his ears catching up with him gradually, like something out of Disney in slo mo! I stood with my mouth open for a few seconds, wondering how I would get him home!....He landed, looked a bit dazed, not surprizingly, and came over to me, I hugged him, and told him to be careful next time, he looked up at me as if to say, "a bit late, thanks" and trotted on his way He stayed a bit close to me for the next few days on our walks, but now he is back to normal. Heart stopping almost, very scary indeed!!
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