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  1. the problem is, the cats are going to stay with my ex-partner, he's moving out of the old house and staying with a friend (no pets allowed) for the next 3 weeks before he can move into his new place. And unfortunately I cannot take them because my current landlord doesn't allow pets either...
  2. Hi everyone, I need to place my 2 cats somewhere for the next 3 weeks as we are moving house. Putting them in a cattery is going to cost me a fortune, could you please advise me on any alternatives? thanks, Aga
  3. it's a new city-limits dance center and and I think it's just been opened http://www.city-limits.co.uk
  4. Unfortunately I only just read this thread and won't be able to make it. I hope you all have great time tonight and will organize next meeting soon Aga
  5. Saturday nights in Cubana: good fun, really friendly people
  6. They have salsa lessons on Saturday afternoons in Cubana I'm planning to test it this weekend
  7. Try tangoyorkshire co uk, I'd love to learn tango but don't have a partner which I guess might be a problem
  8. Hi Tim, I moved to Sheffield 1,5 ago after living with my english partner for a year in my country (Poland). And I got a job (at a Dental hospital of University of Sheffield!!! maybe I will work with your wife! I am on the university part though) and my boy didn't. There was few tough months (as he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do) but eventually everything worked out just fine (he decided to go back to university at the end). I'm sure everything will go great in your case as well. It's never like at home though... Anyway, when are you moving here? Aga PS: and definately don't change your last name! I haven't and thanks to that people now who I am (everyone lives with fear of having to pronouce it I use the short form of my first name though, didn't want to be cruel
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