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  1. Thanks to the police officer that sent us an ASBO letter, while he was totally innocent and protested this to the police officer the officer asked for his details saying he believed him and that he was in no trouble and that it was just to help them ect with their inquiries. More like using my son as a scapegoat for his crappy policing and fear of the statistics that show just how good they are not at their jobs. Advice for anyone, kids or adults, do not offer them any information, not even your name and definitely don't fall for any help us with our inquiries lie. Let them do inquiries to find out who YOU are if your innocent, don't make the mistake my lad and have it cost you getting a record with them for nothing.
  2. Saw it on the news, totally inspiring. Well done that man (Yorkshire man again as well )
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1296044.stm http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-404269/Up-80-000-bogus-asylum-seekers-granted-amnesty.html http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/eurostar-checks-to-stop-bogus-asylum-seekers-723923.html http://www.derbygripe.co.uk/asylum.htm http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-49963/Tories-tough-bogus-asylum-seekers.html I guess there is no such thing right ? Amazing how unrelated asylum and migrants are until you open your eyes a little. But yes, I do want to keep it to the title if possible because it is interesting to know if we would ask people to return would they or not once they have no justification for being here, as it is a good way of highlighting just how many asylum seekers soon would become economic migrants once asked if they would return once they could. Its all relative.
  4. How very naive of you to think that people do not use asylum to come here and stay on here after the bogus claim fails. You are seriously not going to contest that that happens are you ? I grant that the topic is most defiantly about asylum first and foremost, but others have come here and crossed the boundaries into other relevant issues related, such has the stance the BNP have or our foreign policies, all I may add relevant. Why do people drift off into making points about bigotry and racism but if you put anything yourself that is part of the big picture of a topic someone asks you to keep it to what they are comfortable with ? I did not see you pipe up earlier when an attempt to label me was being made ? - How predictable of you.
  5. I don't know,we heard a lot of tough talk from Cameron about immigration ect to get elected, and he certainly does not mind bringing in policies that are controversial (well with his own peoples at least). Maybe its just that no one has ever thought about it ? Just hope someone comes across this forum and thinks its something to consider if its not already a policy that is practiced. I don't see why its not normal practice, maybe it is ? it should be if not because its logical. Does anyone now for sure if they revoke asylum or not, and/or indeed if its at all possible ? Im going to try and dig into this, write to Dave Blunkett or something.
  6. I see you are lost, in the wrong topic ? Im not sure what why you quoted me because no where in my quote do I talk of any of what you put, I as answering someone else's post, your post here looks like the rambling of a mad man. Has something upset you ? Are you by any chance a Libyan over here after been granted asylum and now fear being asked to go back ?
  7. The long finger nail on the left hand is one of a mans best tools. I like all the rest of my finger nails short but the one long little finger nail is invaluable !
  8. Yes and its just been put to good use, a real nasty one
  9. You quoted and made a statement to suggest you did. Its ok, maybe its just a misunderstanding on my part, please accept my apology if I got it wrong, life's too short.
  10. I did not say they do, does anyone actually read whats being put on this forum ?
  11. Im not sure how it works, I assume that you have to be fleeing a ruling party and not actually be the ruling party that has lost power. Besides the fact that the people as soon as they are running the country properly will want to get justice legally and as long as we recognize their right to do that or take the cases on yourself in the Hague, then that would be acceptable and anyone wanting to evade that would be seen as trying to evade justice and not warranting asylum. Its got a lot to do with how we view the legitimacy of governments and have confidence in their capacity for justice.
  12. Its better than your solution which appears to be come here for asylum, here's a passport and the job center is that way, hope you get a job and the local population out of work don't take offence to you. I know which message I would sooner give out to any would be migrant coming here to float our systems of compassion for economic reasons. There is no real solution as such, all we can do is tighten our belts as the people seeking to come here escalates in order t give the real claimants a chance. What exactly is the problem with revoking a status no longer valid ?
  13. Im not sure how long it is to be honest, Im sure there ill be a limit in which we must then grant people permanent residence. Anyone know what it is ? I know every so often they admit defeat and then let everyone stay, just to get the figures off the chart so they can start again and calm everyone down because it looks out of control.
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