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  1. Dodger came as my elderly foster who never left, anyone who ever met him knew what a character he was and once im in a better position i will definatly be taking on another oldie. Dodger touched my heart and has left a hole that i dont think could ever be replaced xxx
  2. I stumbled across a lady on the dreaded facebook who is rehoming kittens free to anyone. I honestly think she is a decent person who does care as when I advised her about been careful she was shocked. I'm just wondering I know in Sheffield there are discounted neutering but she is in the Worksop area if there are any schemes???
  3. Think if u do further research u will find that the said breeds dont even make the top 10 biters im afraid!!!!!!!!! As for dogs doing damage i personally know of a labrador who litually ripped a youngsters face off, funny though it never made the papers but what is betting if it was one of the said breeds it would have.
  4. After overhearing 2 people talking in the vets i decided to research these Boomer Balls and ended up buying 2 a 8" and a 10" for my gang. Well my Snow tryed out the 8" earlier and OMG why i have never heard of these before i dont know it would have saved me a fortune. She loves it and i can defo see how they are virtually indestructible tbh. The live up to the name in that they make a boom as the dog rattles about with them but then again this is probably because of where i let her try it out. Does anyone else have them and if so why has no one ever told me????
  5. He was just knocked out by the excitement of the roll in fox poo It just made him more endearing lol x
  6. A very well deserved win Snaggle, Ghostie is beautiful and was totally unfazed by it all
  7. Everyone this is today hope to see you all there
  8. I cannot recommend Gibdyke lodge highly enough, its a fair way for me to travel but.......... for me piece of mind my 4 are happy is what makes it worthwhile. http://gibdykelodge.co.uk/
  9. Run free little one, fingers crossed Kharma comes back and bite them on the bum xxxx
  10. Summa im not at all judgemental, i can only go on my own experience, i too would be rushed in at the drop of a hat. It was only when my waters went i had the luxury of kennels. Everyone does what they consider to be right and for me that was keeping the hounds.
  11. I think there are some people who get on with it and some people who dont. Personally i had a nightmare pregnancy 21 hospital admissions ranging from 1 night to 12 nights, an extension built in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy leaving me with no garden and 4 dogs. Never did it cross my mind to get rid of mine, in fact it killed me putting them in kennels so i could go into hospital and have bubba. I wouldnt go in until i knew they were sorted in kennels. We are nothing special, my hubby works long hours and full time but we got by and still do, J comes for a walk with all 4 of them everyday. Im a believer in stuff is doable if you want it to be. Im not saying its easy and sometimes the dogs were desperate for a wee if my hubby couldnt get a break till late etc but get rid of my dogs................... hmmm will have to kill me first!!!!!
  12. I used stop it or 'Wee Weed' as we called it because of how it looked lol and it was fantastic, changed from my incontinent old codger who couldnt sleep anywhere but his crate to sleep at the side of my bed. Fabulos stuff, just wish i still had my dodge to keep needing it xxxxxx
  13. Oldies are the best dogs ever, My Dodger gave me the best 4 years of love any dog ever could xxxx
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