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  1. There's no disgrace whatsoever in Kate making a personal statement. It was clear that many people cared very deeply for her wellbeing and it's a natural human trait to wonder what's happening. She will be inundated with goodwill and caring, some of it, coming even, from people who are not, and never will be, royalists. No disgrace, No shame, just love and caring and also, concern for her loved ones who will be frightened to death at this point.
  2. Well said mate and I agree with every word. Many don't realise how a combination of circumstances, good fortune and strategic mistakes by the enemy, joined by our readiness to sweat blood and tears to defend our shores, saved us from hearing jackboots in our streets and us becoming a part of a new German Empire. We will always owe many thanks, to many people from other shores, as well as our own heroic lads and lasses.
  3. I was shocked upon hearing the news of Kate, especially on the heels of Charles cancer announcement. I am not a monarchist but nevertheless wish them well and hope they both make good recoveries and return back to full health. I know it will be terrifying news for both William and for Camilla, as well as the rest of the family, and I sincerely hope that their fears are soon put to rest.
  4. You don't understand that living in the USA will makes people behave like Americans ? All that travel hasn't taught you very much. You forgot to tell us how many wars the English have waged compared to the Irish.
  5. Why not try telling us how many wars the English have waged and how many have the Irish conducted ? The Irish in the states have the American influence on them so we can't expect them to be any more peaceful than the average yank.
  6. One of the problems with cars on roads is that there are as many parked cars, taking up road space and creating single file traffic, as there are cars which are actually being driven.
  7. Re- Inflation. Unions consider Inflation by the RPI figures which is correct because this also takes account of housing costs which have risen a astronomically for many. CPI only considers the shopping basket which is NOT all that people have to find money for.
  8. That would be absolutely brilliant for the NHS recruiting campaign wouldn't it ? They have enough problems filling vacancies now, Maybe our MP's could drag themselves away from the bars and dining tables and put a stint in for the NHS so that they know the problems at first hand. They seem to have enough spare time to hold 5, 6 , or 7, jobs down whilst apparently "working hard " for us. Maybe Axe could tell us how to staff the NHS whilst the pay keeps going down in relation to the cost of living.
  9. Are they ? I don't know the people who are welcoming them who find their views abhorrent - do you ? What we really need, and what we've never had, is a government who will openly discuss immigration and asylum properly and publicly so that we know exactly what's happening and why. This discussion also needs to be weighted by the public view too and not conducted as though it's nothing to do with us. We need all political parties to come to agreement regarding further immigration and asylum and, when policy is put into place, it should NOT be changed by whoever is in power to suit their ends. First thing is to drop the stupid Rwanda debacle because sending 300 people there is never going to stop the millions waiting to come here. Then form an all party group with public representation to get started because NO MP's from NO parties, have a clue what to do next and are just floundering.
  10. I agree. That's why it will always be hard to cut the birth rate because the women don't get a say in it and have to do as they're told.
  11. My bold: That would be a sensible move. Progress isn't always an improvement. we should also cut down on our "toys" as they are now referred to but not much chance when some blokes are now collecting space rockets.
  12. That will just cause them to leave the NHS at a greater rate than they are doing already.
  13. Again I agree with you for the second time in 5 minutes. Something else I could never have predicted in this strange world we now live in.
  14. And I will add my support to Prettytom and Axe. It's like going through a kids comic.
  15. What else did you say was responsible ?
  16. You gave one example and that was the example I quoted. It wasn't rubbish unless what you said was rubbish and that's open to interpretation. Talk to whoever you like.
  17. That was the only reason you gave, so presumably, there was no other reason. People can only judge on what you write.
  18. It didn't say anything else at all so the only statement you made is the only statement people can quote.
  19. Post #41 Foodbanks and phones were the only things you mentioned. and hackey thought you were correct too.
  20. That despite things being far from ideal in the UK at this present time, they are far far worse in many other places where wars, famines, uprisings and other brutality occur.
  21. Quite correct and far more relevant to our way of life than a post which simply thinks foodbanks are responsible for all our troubles.
  22. It has already been made perfectly clear, by the government, that the vast majority of them will NOT end up in Rwanda, but only a very limited few. The rest, we will still have to deal with, so we should make a start on dealing with them instead of playing games.
  23. You have now quoted the very argument that the Tories have followed, which has got them into the mess they are in now, There is NO REASON why, having legal channels to apply for asylum in France would increase the numbers any more. We need proper policies for asylum and immigration and to ensure they work, we need national identity cards so that NO ONE can live in this country unknown. If would be asylum seekers applied in Calais or Paris and were turned down, they would have no reason to smuggle themselves over the channel, knowing that they would NOT be allowed to stay I won't even bother discussing the "Rwanda Plan" because it's so obviously not going to work anyway and was just a play for time by the Tories.
  24. On the same basis, nobody can say that it WILL be a deterrent either, although that's not stopping Sunak from saying it. Rather a lot of money and effort to put in place for something which may, or may not, work. It would be far more productive to spend that money on improving our immigration system, make better legal channels of application from France, and processing the ones already here.
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