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  1. We gathered that a long time ago.
  2. And who, at the treasury, keeps you so well informed? Making things up as you go along is obviously a trait of Tory supporters as well as Tory Governments. Why not electronically print another few billion pounds so that we can look after the poor then?
  3. I fully agree with this. I also think that the minimum wage should be the legal minimum that working people are ever expected to live on when prevented from working through no fault of their own. Especially when Boris Johnson says he is struggling to manage on his salary. This government has turned out to be as uncaring as all previous Tory governments and we still have too many "I'm all right Jacks" who are happy enough to see it happening. I sincerely hope that the rich are the ones who are going to pay all this back rather than the usual victims, the poor. That's why the better off would sooner see the poor struggle than give them the support they need.
  4. 25 Spencer Road and 38 Prospect Road were within a stones throw of each other. 255 Gleadless Road is in the first block of houses just above the old school annexe and sits facing the block between Northcote Road and Romney Road so that is about 3/4 of a mile away from Prospect Road.
  5. We are discussing the BBC and the Licence fee which pays for the BBC. We are not discussing what I personally choose to watch or what I pay for. The TV licence money should be paid out to all broadcasters and not go solely to the BBC. The BBC will certainly be disbanded eventually which I regard as a good thing and will be glad to see the back of the Gravy train. I will be happy to pay for whatever I decide to watch and that is the model which I am sure will be in operation in less than a decade. If you have opinions regarding the licence or the BBC then please air them. Your opinions about me are not important and deviate from this thread.
  6. Again, I will always choose what I do and whenever that incurs a cost, I will still choose what I do. This thread is discussing the BBC and the TV licence fee but it would seem that, andyofborg, Magilla & Pettytom seem to think it's about my personal choices of what I watch and what I pay but, that is not up for discussion and therefore, I choose what I do, with or without your invitations. You are all fully entitled to your views on the BBC and the debate over TV licences and can rightly air them on this forum as I do. Personal attacks just prove that you all have nothing useful to add to the debate and are just on the forum in an argumentative frame of mind to goad others.
  7. Well, if you don't know, try watching TV without a licence and you will find out.
  8. Glad the BBC's content doesn't reflect the management or it would be even worse than it is now. Are you claiming that the BBC management are doing a good job then? We are not forced by law to fund Tesco so they can do what they like within the law.
  9. Well, In my case, they can stuff the Smart Meter along with the special tarrifs too
  10. This seems strange after I heard Martin Lewis clearly say that we couldn't be forced to have a smart meter and that we could have the same tariffs as those with smart meters so I don't know what to think now. I have heard that, should future power supplies be in a precarious state, the power companies will be able to switch off your supply using the smart meter. This sounds like living under a dictator to me, and I can say that, unless they can force me by law, I will never have a Smart Meter fitted. I suppose it's up to each of us to choose which direction we go in but my path is clear as I won't be bullied or threatened.
  11. Martin Lewis said tonight, in answer to a question on the Martin Lewis Money Show on TV, that the power companies cannot force you to have a Smart Meter and also that anyone can have the same cheapest tariffs as those with Smart Meters. I thought this was the case but am glad that Martin has confirmed it.
  12. Ha Ha, you are a comic but, I'm afraid, you are wrong again.
  13. Very True. The Government claims to have a green agenda but not much sign of it yet. God help us when everyone is running electric cars.
  14. No isue at al except being averse to being told what to do by someone else who's been conned by the energy companies and doesn't even know it. Don't know whether I'm a Luddite or not but it doesn't worry me in the least.
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