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  1. We just need a Government with some plain old common sense. This constant boasting when their is nothing at all to boast about is Trump's favourite pastime. I would have thought Boris had more intelligence but apparently not. We are constantly the worst in Europe and they are not exactly brilliant. When is everyone going to open their eyes and see what a disaster this is?
  2. People without an argument usually don't find the need to provide one. I didn't say that Uni education was a bad thing but it isn't bathing recent prime ministers in a very good light as it seems to be that idiot follows idiot and same again. The only thing self evident about our present government is the mess they have made of the job right from the beginning of Covid-19 reaching our shores. This still continues now which is why you are, I'm afraid being led by idiots. This fact being more bizarre than my comment.
  3. Nothing wrong with what? A brief idea of your argument would be helpful. In the meantime - - - Do you enjoy being led by idiots?
  4. Proof that they are not fit to run a Bingo stall, let alone, be in charge of purchasing Health resources. Boris also out-trumped stupid Trump by repeating that we DO have a "world beating track & trace system" When are we going to elect someone with a working brain? Choosing ex posh school boys and Uni educated leaders certainly isn't working.
  5. I think you're correct , I seem to vaguely remember the was a centre line on the Joysticks. I also think it said on the cardboard holder " For children up to 90"
  6. Don't know whether they were Walls or not, but the ones we used to buy in the 1940's were called Joysticks.
  7. Just shows how stupid modern law has become. When the poor bloke is dead, he is not going to complain about lack of privacy is he? What is more important, is that family of friends who care about him, get the information they need. Anyone would think we are all members of the secret services instead of ordinary citizens trying to deal with our everyday lives.
  8. Seems to be hard for you to understand that masks are but one form of defence against covid. We have to use ALL forms of defence against it or it will get through and continue to infect people. If you care little about others and don't want to use a mask then, fine look after yourself but I hope you won't be allowed in any shop that caring people with common sense are in.
  9. Nobody said that masks are a proven defence but they are a help if used properly. Common sense has everything to do with it. These further increases are not because people are wearing masks but because they are not. Either that, or they are not following social distancing or or proper hygiene measures. In other words they have stopped using common sense because they think the virus is beaten, they are bored, or, they are just stupid.
  10. As opposed to being premature, we are actually late (as usual) which explains why our death rates are so catastrophic compared with most others. The countries which have had the most success against Covid are the ones where everyone wears masks without needing to be begged or threatened. I have enough intelligence to be wearing them already whenever I leave my home and don't need our dozy government to educate me. It may not protect me but it's helping to protect others and is certainly doing no harm to anyone else.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Such a shame as it's a great browser and works like lightning so I installed it anyway as I am fed up with Ads & Trackers all the time and a tend to go to the same few sites everyday.
  12. Bowden Street crossed Button lane. Button Lane, like Bowden Street, no longer exists because it ran from The Moor, at the back of Debenhams department store (Charter Row side) before Debenhams was built and I remember it from the 40's and 50's as the Theatrical Supplies shop (Joke shop) was on there and supplied me with stink bombs amongst many other things.
  13. If you don't see that a tree is better in the ground than in your lounge then any explanation of mine will not convince you otherwise and I will repeat what I have just said in my previous post - If you don't care about the younger generation then I pity you too and all who think like you. If you did manage to change anyone's mind who thinks like me, you would only have won the debate and lost the planet so my view is unchanged.
  14. I fail to see your point. My house is, I imagine like every other house and I have already said was built before these threats to the planet were known. I also have already said that it doesn't need replacing so I am not interested in your argument. If you are trying to prove that we can't live without using any resources at all, I already know that but that doesn't give us the right to squander every resource without care. I will carry on doing my best to use no more of the earths resources than I have to as I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and have to think of their future. If you don't care about the younger generation then I pity you
  15. Hi Longcol, Yes I do parlez daft. Regarding wood, - yes there is some in my house although not such a lot. I'm sure you won't find a house which doesn't contain wood products but does that prove anything?. It doesn't have to be replaced because you can't put the trees back in the ground and that damage has already been done. Lets just say we have learned something and vow to be better Like most other people, all mine was bought before we realised the serious state of this planet. We do now make efforts to modify our behaviour as much as possible and, before you ask, our Christmas tree is artificial and at least 20 years old. It may not be possible to change our lifestyles completely but, if we all make the biggest effort we can, with a sense of responsibility, we should have an effect without needing legislation to ban everything. Responsible adult humans should not need to be told what to do. If we can't handle managing without a real Christmas tree then God help us when the planet dies.
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