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  1. No wonder they get so many things wrong. Sounds like they are all permanently p*ssed.
  2. I've disagreed with you many times Chekhov but, this time, I agree. I remember this happening at my grandson's school and I was just as angry.
  3. You sound more like a Tory government minister ever day. The thing that binds all those who believe that the minimum wage is not peanuts is that, not a single one of them has to live on that amount. It's easy to say, "Do as I say, not as I do" Especially if you are an uncaring Tory voter. It's inexcusable that so many want more for them but less for everybody else.
  4. Your reply should be about the post and not the poster. A poster's age or level of maturity has nothing whatsoever to do with other posters. I have seen nothing to say that the poster does not respect her/his parents and again, this is not your concern either.
  5. https://sheffieldbeekeepers.org.uk/swarm-of-bees-in-your-garden-or-house/ Look this up. There are some pictures to identify them and then there is a contact box on the web page. I'm sure someone will come to help you.
  6. Reading your posts, one could be forgiven for thinking that Boris himself had written that. What you say is typical of the way Johnson twists the lies into the truth (in his mind anyway) and I'm sure all you defenders would not know the truth if you came across it. The point in question is NOT whether it was a party or not. The regulations did not say anything about parties (or leaving do's), but about people gathering together. Those people should not have been assembled, many of them, close together, drinking alcohol and eating food. Incidentally, If that is what Tories call WORK, I wouldn't mind a job like that. If you also believe that drinks at a leaving do are more important than a funeral then you must almost qualify for a top Tory government post yourself. The lot of them stink of lies and deceit.
  7. I don't understand why they call it monkey pox because I saw a doctor on TV who said that it isn't spread by monkeys but by rats. I wish someone would cast more light on this. As usual, all the media feature doom laden headlines and none ever quote from a responsible reliable source what the truth is. Surely the NHS can put up a spokes-person to explain it properly on the national news and prevent all the media from trying to beat each other with the most sensational write up. The usual lack of information from those who are well paid and well perked and supposed to be looking after our health.
  8. Perhaps also related to his cocky and threatening attitude to ordinary people. Getting his name right is not important to the vast majority of ordinary people, and frankly, neither is he. If you like people to talk nice about you, you have to be a nice guy.
  9. This genius will be terribly missed in the synth/electronic music world. I, and almost every musician I know, often try to emulate this guy. RIP Vangelis and thanks for the pleasure you gave us.
  10. As always, the powers that be, whether local government or national government, always do the opposite of what makes most sense. We should never be short of a laugh in the UK as life in general is like one big long Carry On film.
  11. I must be different. I consider birdsong to be a beautiful sound to hear so they can sing any time they like for me.
  12. No problem, they will just have to make sure they turn up for work every day then. That's what working men have to do. There was a time when the public had a lot of respect for their MP's but, it doesn't take much to sow the seeds of doubt these days.
  13. That may be your impression but, his well documented behaviour says otherwise and he does himself no favours. Most ex champions in boxing, and other sports too, act with grace & dignity after retirement and become even more loved by the public because of this. He hasn't grown up yet.
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