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  1. That's a laugh - a fine example of breeding gone wrong - I would have said lower hooligan class with all your prejudices and violent hatreds.
  2. For the benefit of the silly one who doesn't understand what plain English words mean. I didn't say he considered himself middle class. I said "I DONT KNOW WHETHER YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF middle class" And he apparently doesn't.
  3. They say he did but I didn't hear him, although it didn't take me long to stop listening to the gormpot. He made mention of needing someone like Winston in Downing Street again. Winston used to build walls. Johnson couldn't build a wall with Lego bricks.
  4. I don't know whether you consider yourself middle class as you talk more like a football hooligan. But if you're all going to get off and live this dream life, I do wish you would hurry up and get on with it. This is like listening to all the sewage Party's promises which never actually happen.
  5. We do know what a Tory promise is worth don't we ? Keep on laughing.
  6. Better tell that to BBC news then because they keep reporting it. Try doing that in many foreign countries. That's why they don't want ID cards because then, we'll finally know how useless the governments been.
  7. That'll be why I expect you to be quite a few million out then. Did you go to school ? When you get a bloke who looks at our government and our economy and thinks it's a success story, it just makes one wonder.
  8. The point being that Winston was a brave man and chief clown BoJo is a coward, so when he compares himself so unfavourably from the man he idolises he must be ashamed.
  9. That's an interesting point. I know it doesn't alter anything for anyone but we know surprisingly little about such things.
  10. How are you able to count this "vast majority" when you don't know who came, or when they came or whether they were seen. You're just making it up as per your normal practice. I have often said that we need compulsory identity cards and only if and when, they are introduced, will we truly know how many have sneaked in without our knowledge over the years. We already know that many who we originally knew had landed, have now gone missing without trace so don't try chief clown BoJo's lying trick on here.
  11. No we won't because we won't be leaving the ECHR. I'm not worried about anything at all. Life's fine for me. It's the Sewage Party and their supporters, especially you madam, who are exceedingly worried.
  12. It was decided by UK judges in the UK. It doesn't make a deal of difference as we have plenty of corruption already. One reason why we need our human rights.
  13. Don't laugh yet - you may not manage it yourself.
  14. That says everything that everyone needs to know about you. You should have joined the army if you love blood and gore that much. Probably has to be someone else's blood and gore though, and not yours. You don't know anything about violence. By the way, it didn't do Saddam and Gaddafi much good did it ? you have some funny hero's
  15. Every discussion concerns everyone, Unfortunately, I do have an inkling of your thoughts, worse luck. Just wondered when, if ever, you would finally get it together and address the subject.
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