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  1. hello, i am moving to sheffield with a dog. i wish to rent a property in sheffeild (no more the £500 pcm) which allows pets. i am a no smoker and a nurse, my wife is a student finishing her masters this year and is also a non smoker. is there any property out there for this happy family?
  2. is there any good gyms in shefield, i mean proper gyms with free weights
  3. i am a experience martail artist / teacher. i am moving to sheffield next month and need to find a club in sheffield
  4. i am moving to sheffield next month and i wish to start climbing, is there any climbing clubs in the area, is there any wrestling clubs there aswell!
  5. i have been on the doors for 6 years, i have worked all venues. i am badged in wolverhampton, but need to be badged in sheffield.
  6. hello sunny sheffield! i was born and bred in sheffield, but i have spend too long in the pest hole of wolverhampton. i am coming back to live and work in sheffield, please can any one tell me of the door firms in that area. i can do night clubs and bars.
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