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  1. has anyone noticed the increase in human beings recently. destroying the earth, millions of cars on the road, draining resources! I would rather have squirrels than selfish people who have loads of kids and destroy the planet!
  2. if sheffield had better nightclubs that catered for everyone, then people wouldnt need to go out to these raves. they have been going on for years. they wont stop so its a waste of time moaning.
  3. let people have fun for crying out loud!
  4. On a Saturday night, i wouldnt mind. I would go and join them as I used to go to these raves. Plus I have my neighbours dogs barking before 7am every day., I dont come on here and moan about it when there is nothing I can do. Should the world work around you? And sorry, but you will annoy people in some way or another!
  5. I am sure you do things to annoy people but I bet they dont come on here to complain about you
  6. are people going to post something on here every time theres a rave? There will be loads every single weekend now until the end of summer.
  7. hots on - did I ask if they are still popular or not. tbh funny that, as a lot of people have tattoos, and still getting them. if anything, tattoos are getting more popular!
  8. I have had a few tattoos so dont need advice on actually booking and getting the tattoo, I dont drive so dont want to be travelling miles with a painful tattoo
  9. Hi, are there any recommendations for a good tattoo artist in Hillsborough?
  10. dont think we are talking about cars on pavements. we are saying cyclist should pay insurance. esp when a lot dont follow the rules of the road! ---------- Post added 23-08-2018 at 17:58 ---------- your talking about little estates. but do you go running up eccy road? do you walk on the roads in town?
  11. thats only round your way. im major cities people use the path and cars and bikes use the roads
  12. on a daily basis? do you walk up and down dual carriageways, main roads, every day do you? some people really are special! ---------- Post added 23-08-2018 at 16:52 ---------- you shouldnt be on the roads. thats what paths are for, for pedestrians!
  13. no but they could have. a cyclist can easily kill someone. if you use the road you should pay insurance. ---------- Post added 23-08-2018 at 14:39 ---------- pedentrians only cross a road. they dont walk on the road like cyclist and cars do. wow some people are stupid!
  14. cyclist do hurt people, I have had a cyclist go into me a couple of times because they skipped the red light! Anyone using the road should pay insurance.
  15. Not that many Colin. I have been to hundreds over the years, never been to one that got stopped! Police turned up, but couldnt do anything as there were too many people.
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