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  1. Wilson Tuphomes was certainly operating as a pay as you go store in 1939. In those days the stairs to the upper levels were steel grating stairs with an open bannister. A collector used to call on Friday evenings to collect the shilling on the pound payment, he always seemed to be OK if you could not pay the full amount so long as you paid something. I seem to recall the first payment was the interest, about 12%pa. If you owed say £5 on a £20 purchase, payment would still be 20 shillings but you were encouraged to buy something for say another £5 making a new debt of £10 costing only 10 bob a week but paying the interest again on the old £5 debt. I,m sure in this way they had many lifelong customers, plus a rolling incrementing interest payment.
  2. I lived at 89 The Circle from 1947 to about 1950. had one year in Pipworth road school. Spend many happy hours on the old allotments which became the Littledale estate then playing 'King of the Castle on the mounds of earth they excavated when building started.
  3. I worked at Treeton on the screens in July 1952 while waiting for the NCB Training at Treeton in August 1952. I worked as a haulage hand under Reuben Pyatt, the Deputy was Jackson. I remember Brian Marvin who painted his miners helmet pink. Alfie who was mortally afraid of pit moggies. I left after I was forced to attend an inquisition at the pit on a Saturday unpaid and lost my Saturday shift. They found the guy who had hammered a nail into an electric cable near the face end of the level, I know he was sacked and taken to court in Rotherham. In those days I was not even offered the tram fare to attend or given any apology. I the went to Kiveton Park.
  4. My Dad was the superintendant at Millhouses for many years, interupted by his service during the war. The baths were originally just on pool it was about three times larger than an Olympic sized pool. The water for the pool was continuously bled in from the river, through filter beds and a chlorination system, so yes it was cold, but it was the only pool where you could not detect the chlorine in the water, it was like swimming in a mountain lake. Dad would continuously fiddle with the chlorine addition to maintain this condition There was a scare during the polio epidemic in Sheffield, probably late 1940's, it was rumoured that the pool used raw water and was threatened with closure, I remember the water was tested by the "Officials" and it was found to be spot on so the pool remained open. Millhouses Pool hosted a swimming club named "The Spartans", to qualify as a member one had to swim at about 6am every day of the year. For many years the Telegraph and Star used to publish photos of the ice being broken fot the Spartan dip. Dad left the pool in 1949 some time after that the pool underwent major reconstruction and was made into two separate pools and renamed the Lido. On my last visit the area of the pool was a disgraceful mess and all the pools had been filled in and landscaped. I retain my fond memories of the way it was, when during the school holidays there was entertainment in a bandstand right outside the Poll entrance and the remaider of the park was pristine.
  5. And Churchmans, with two for your friends
  6. ll bet he forgott The highly qualified scientists said in 1952 that the UK coal supplies would only last for 20 more years. The research scientists using complicated research said in 1972 that there was 25 years supply of oil in the world. If anyone can point to any scientific predictions that have stood the test of time please let me know. Science is not wisdom. Predictive science is based on current trend mathematical models, sometimes they forget to things like all the steam trains were relaced by diesels, or the known oil reserves double in quantity. In the global warming model I will wager they have forgotten some changing dependancy, since some scientist was proposing to send devices into space to shield the earth from the sun, I will wager that he had forgotten the effects that the increase in cloud cover will have, and there will be may more yet unknown effect that will redress the balance. Just don't worry about a thing.
  7. Yes, I returned in Dec 2003 for a respite, getting a bit of the wanderlust again though, went to NZ in 2004, planning a trip to Oz next year then probaly going back to USA. We are quite close to Worksop in Annesley.
  8. There was a river that ran the length of Millhouses Park, never did know the name of it though, it was mostly on the boundary of the park between the park and the railway line. Just by the boating pond it crossed the path and ran past the bathing pool and in fact part of the flow was diverted into the pool as a continuous feed and bleed system, hence the freshness of the millhouses pool and it only froze over on the severest of winters, I think it was the summer of 1947 the pool was packed to capacity because it was about the only cool place in Sherffield to swim.
  9. Hi Puffin, Might have been my cousin, but he joined the RAF, I lived on Worksop Road, our territorial domain was about the size of a 5 acre field, so never having been to school in the area I did not know many people outside my domain. Tony Revitt
  10. The landrover freelander radio is badged Land Rover but is a Phillips. I am fitting a hands free for the mobile phone and I need to find: The 12V permanent supply, the 12V ignition supply and the mute on the din plug, can anyone please help.
  11. If John were a miner all would be acceptable
  12. When I lived in the USA, one of the heads of the local NAACP constantly used the word Whitemail, instead of Blackmail, which he said was perjorative. Surely it is more racist to alter an established dictionary word and still convey the same meaning. Isn't it racist to change the childrens poem from; Baa Baa Black Sheep, to Baa Baa Grey Sheep. As the Grey Sheep of the family, I am offended by this.
  13. The Global Warming and CO2 footprint hype is becoming as hackneyed as the millennium scare, the michealangelo virus scare and the perennial , The World will end on Thursday, scare and will have the same impact. Except, there will be no finite conclusion because it is so hypothetical. There is no question that global warming is taking place, but why was it not an issue when Sheffield was covered in a pall of smoke, not only from the industry but from the miners,” free coal” fires burning day and night. It is immutable that global warming will melt the ice and raise sea levels, I was aware 50 years ago that all the fires would deplete the O2/CO2 ratio, and if it went on unchecked the doom and gloom merchants predictions would come to fruition. Who does this benefit? Firstly the so called experts, without the hype they would not have an audience, government loves it, they can steal money from us by telling us it is for our protection, commerce, in this area is booming like the dot .coms, Major insurance companies are issuing memoranda entitled, “Reap the Benefits” instructing how to capitalise from the hype. There are companies offering to offset your carbon footprint, for a fee. Send me £50 I will plant a tree for you. What is “The Real Deal” First look at the immutable effects of global warming. The increase in temperature will melt some of the ice and increases the sea levels, the increase in sea level and therefore area, subjected to the increased temperature, causes increased evaporation, resulting in more clouds and rain. The accumulative results of this will be more surface water which further increases evaporation, hence even more clouds and rain. These effects will increasingly cause less sunlight to reach the earth until equilibrium is achieved. The planet will now be a little warmer and a little moister, an ideal condition for a burgeoning of vegetation in previously arid areas. The resulting increased photosynthesis will replenish the depleting O2/CO2 ratio at the same time dramatically increasing the world’s food production. Of course it should now be obvious that as the planet warms, there will be no need to burn fuel to heat our homes so less CO2 will be produced, as I dream of sitting in my verdant Eden, it occurs to me that the motor trips and airline flights to find kinder climates will also be unnecessary, further reducing CO2 emissions. In reality as I sit in a house I can only afford to heat for four hours a day, I can only say ”BRING IT ON”
  14. We are not set a good example by our avaricious self serving politicians, even if, "two Jags" gave up one, even then a Jaguar is not the most environmentaly friendly car. I have yet to see anyone of them, other than meaningless lip service, trying to reduce their carbon footprint.
  15. That is morally wrong and partly incorrect, if you park obstructing a dropped kerb area giving access to a garage or driveway you a liable. If you park outside my house to my inconvienience you will first have a polite note on your windshield, then you will have to wait for me, I will have two cars equally legally parked, one inch from each bumper
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