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  1. at the moment a million miles away. i'll just have to settle for the other side of town though.
  2. have any of you ever felt like just going as far away as you possibly can ? i have felt like this for the past week i feel like just packing some bits and doing something totally out of character. it sounds odd when i write it down but i am so fed up and bored of the day to day life i just want to have some fun and see some life. i am older than 20 i have 2 grown up sons and a beautiful grandson but i feel there is something missing. i feel like a lemon writing this but i have to get it off my chest
  3. i,m a boring old lady he wont have got any points off me then
  4. he just left me with nothing on so i put avg on , could he have taken any information/history from my computer with the sticks to put on to his i know this sounds silly but you never know
  5. as the title says , has anyone ever used the pc doctor advertised in the star. i had him to repair a problem i had but i was worried he took all my spyware off and antivirus as he said i had too much on , but he left me with none . he kept putting those memory stick things into my computer and then into his laptop . just a bit worried thats all could you tell me if that sounds right to you .....
  6. this country is in the process of being took over by mindless thugs. its got to a point where you have to let these thugs damage your property for fear of repercussions. i for one hate this country and i would love to leave it all behind to live in a better place. my youngest son and his partner are due to have their first baby in October and i feel for them because by the time he gets to school age what will be waiting for him. it is so frightening to think what this country will be like. i witness these idiots up to no good on a daily basis now , its not something that happens once a week. i would say i wish i had a big gun to shoot em all but that makes me as bad as them . its tit for tat, their attitude is kill or be killed.
  7. my son lives in malin bridge and he has had stuart little running around his kitchen so looks like the flooding has moved em on to new homes.
  8. thanks em i have looked at it before but could not remember where i found it ..
  9. hi , could you please tell me where do i find the list of all users . thanks
  10. If the car had been registered to you, then they would have contacted you and asked you how you wanted it recovering. dont think so .... in an ideal world perhaps .
  11. my sons car was stolen from outside our house , it was found by the police 3 houses away , they called the tow truck, took it to the one near makro and he was charged about the same trouble was he was only 19 and he didnt want to go through the insurance as well you know the premium would have gone sky high . the worse thing ever when we went to pick it up they had picked it up with the fork lift truck and slammed it on the floor thinking it was going to be a write off . it cost my son a fortune to have it repaired.i complained to the police and asked them why didn't they let us know they had caught the lads 3 doors away and they said they tried to ring us and tried knocking on our door to let us know ....... load of crap . that poor lad had to get a loan to get his car back on the road to get him to work and back . they do it on purpose the recovery firm and the police are hand in glove . i think its a case of you scratch my back i'll scratch yours....
  12. its not about someone else getting more from the state than me and i do fully understand how we all have access to handouts and yes i have taken advantage of the kind offer of free schooling for my children as we all have but i am now paying some of my debt off . i am not having a go at people who cant get work for one reason or another.i am angry with people who abuse the system and expect everyone else to pay for them, there are people out there who have never had the experience of working and having money in their pocket that they have earned and enjoyed doing it . i am angry with the minority who take from you because they cant be bothered to work for it themselves .
  13. not happened today but i do get the same message . it cant be the phone as i have got 2 and it happens in both . i think it just must be the weather i put all the problems down to that ...
  14. i am very proud to say my partner and i have never ever claimed anything from this government. we have both worked from the day we left school to now and we are both in our 40's. my sons who also have worked since the day they left school also have never had a penny from this government . maybe its me but that is something to be proud of not sitting on my a**e waiting for my money to be put into my bank account .
  15. we,ve just come back from the east coast and its a bit of a wash out. there has been flooding over the last few days and there looks like there may be more to come. its no better further down south though at least our caravan was'nt floating down the river like the ones in evesham. we managed to avoid the flooding in wainfleet and horncastle but the rain gets on your nerves and if you have children there's just nothing they can do without getting soaked .
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