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  1. i have a feeling the children used a Zero-fare pass...if so then the driver has done the correct thing and charged the appropriate fare for the journey as this pass only entitles the owner travel to and from school.
  2. the bus station is still OPEN....but there is excessive amounts of passengers
  3. All first drivers are expected to wait for passengers to be seated before setting off
  4. its not snowing and its night so there wont be any sun
  5. COSTCO near Parkway Markets do some sticky ribs in a tray and are to die for!!!...if you have a card or know anyone that does then make the journey...you wont be dissapointed.
  6. If your a car driver then why on earth were you stood at a bus stop with your arm out trying to stop the so-called Peasant Wagon?
  7. I was driving on there yesterday after picking my son up from Sheffield and he was walking over the flyover towards us when all of a sudden he had an outburst shouting and screaming....my son asked what was up with him and i told him he must have some kind of mental problems.....at the end of the day he should be cared for and not left to roam the bypass. Some people will say leave him be as he's not hurting anybody but he's a danger to himself and other road users.
  8. At the end of the day...the cameras are there for a reason..and thats to stop people speeding through a section of roadworks where people are working. There is plenty of signs on the run up to the roadworks saying Average Speed Checks...and plenty of cameras to realise you shouldnt be doing 60mph. If you were tired then you shouldnt ave been driving in the first place...Danger to yourself and other road users.
  9. Route 66 IS a Rotherham service and operates from Midland Rd depot, if any lost property has been found or handed in to the driver then it will be handed in at Ceres Building, Effingham Square, Rotherham...it is located at the end of the Rotherham Interchange near Crinoline House. Not everything that gets lost on a bus is found....depending what the item is some people decide to take it for themselves which is bang out of order...not everybody is the same though. Phone 01709566000 and ask them to put you through to Lost Property at CERES BUILDING...if your item has been handed in it will be logged in the lost property log.
  10. A driver is not to evict a passengeer physically but can ask the person to leave the vehicle, if the person refuses to leave then the next port of call is to contact control via the radio to ask for assistance(police)...if the situation is volatile then the driver can contact radio control via CODE9 which takes preference over all other radio calls to the depot..under no circumstance should the driver leave his cab area and be put at risk of being assaulted
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