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  1. I'm not on the committee any more so I can't give out contact details. Best thing to do is go to the site office,between 10am and 12 noon any Sunday. Don't forget,you just rent the allotment,you don't buy it,but you might have to buy a pigeon loft or greenhouse from the previous tenant.
  2. I remember the Stefanskis,I lived near them in York Road,Darnall in the 1960's. They had 4 children,Vanda (that was a nickname,don't remember her real name) ,Barbara,Diane and Richard. Sorry I can't remember where they went when they left.
  3. Call in at the site office Sunday 10am-12 noon,I think there will be lofts available.
  4. Infield Lane Darnall,top of High Hazels Park. £60 p.a.,cheaper than the council,water on all year. The office on the site is open Sunday mornings 10am-12noon.
  5. For potatoes and onions,spread it now and dig in next month when the weeds have stopped germinating. For sprouts,best to grow them on ground that was manured this year,and lime in spring. For strawberries,try scattering pelleted chicken manure between the plants in early spring.
  6. You are confusing two different sites. The ones between B&Q and Quickfit are Infield Lane allotments at Darnall,where I am. The ones at Handsworth are in the Bramley Park Road area,near Handsworth church.
  7. Try New Leaf at Coal Aston. They delivered for us at Friends of High Hazels Park,but we did spend £600 with them,so there might be a minimum order for them to offer delivery.
  8. I've contacted the cafe manager,these are his opening times. Weekends only until the end of March,8am-12.30pm. Then- Monday closed. Tuesday to Friday 10am-2pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm.
  9. It's closed for decorating at the moment. I'll let you know when it reopens.
  10. If you're prepared to travel to Darnall try Infield Lane. Plenty of plots,£60p.a.,much cheaper than council. http://infieldlane.weebly.com/
  11. Tom Abbiss's brother Jim ran a hardware shop next door with a dance school upstairs.Next to that was a cafe with a (then) illegal bookies upstairs.When betting shops were legalised the bookie bought the cafe and moved downstairs.
  12. Try Infield Lane allotments behind High Hazels Park,plenty of experienced flyers on there. The allotment committee are in the office on Sundays 10am-12noon,they will advise you.
  13. Try the private allotments at Infield Lane,Darnall. Cheaper than the council (60 p.a.) with tap water all year round,and an established pigeon group. Visit the site office behind High Hazels Park,Sunday mornings 10-12.
  14. I think it's woolly aphid. I've had it on my apple trees from time to time,it's a nuisance but not serious,you won't lose your tree. Here's some advice https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=724.
  15. Infield Lane allotments,Darnall,have vacant plots available for £60 p.a. rent,including tap water which is on all year round. The site is at the back of High Hazels Park postcode S9 4PE. The office is open Sundays 10am-12noon. Large quantities of free horse manure on site!
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