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  1. I backed the kickstarter project for this near the start and, for a long while, it wasn't obviously going to make its target. But then there was a massive upsurge near the end and it flew through. Very pleased. I reckon they'll make a decent go at the this, since otherwise there really was no reason to do it at all.
  2. Simplest would be that mod rewrite is not enabled.
  3. The "gifts by price" slider appears on the front page and doesn't do anything / have any obvious way of working. The fourth picture banner "10% off" is poorly sized (a few pixels shorter than the others), and, as such when it appears you can still see the previous banner underneath, it looks messy. Resize the graphic or pad it out with black to make it fit properly. I think that there are too many drop down menus, and / or they are too eager to appear. When I'm scanning across the page with my mouse, I don't want all these distracting elements. I can see how the pull down is meant to encourage ad-hoc purchases, but, frankly, I can't see that being worthwhile - especially when it's a personalisation item and the quick add just takes you to the same view as clicking on the item itself. The personalation design studio is too much. You need to massively simplify it, perhaps cut out a number of the options. (I can't see people wanting to add generic clip-art very often, for example). When uploading art in the personalised design, the warning pops up about "Copy Right". This should read "Copyright". Also, try to display this warning elsewhere, rather than during upload. It's very discouraging. When you've passed that stage, and browsed to your art image, you're then placed onto a page to "select the colours in your print". From this page, on my IE browser there was no obvious way to proceed with adding the art. The only option available was to click the X to closse the window and abandon the attempt. Assuming I still wanted to go ahead with my personalised item - which I wouldn't, because I couldn't personalise it - then I put a 1 in the costing box to the right hand side, hit recalcuate to show costs, I expect a "buy now" or similar to appear. It doesn't. I don't know how to buy the item. So I go to "save design" but that wants me to create an account. I really don't want to do that for a trivial purchase, I want to just buy something without creating an account. It might be that - should I ever get there - I have to enter all the account related stuff anyway, and that's fine, but make it less obvious. Let people type the stuff in as part of the checkout process, then say "do you want to save your information for next time", or something.
  4. Is it overheating? Check the vent holes are clear and free of dust.
  5. +1 I have used them for a few years now.
  6. I would do away with "My excellent social skills imply I can get on well with people at all levels." As it's not very well phrased and something of a platitude.
  7. Google webmaster tools can help with that sort of thing.
  8. The last time we were there (after this management change) the food selection and quality was great. And our youngest ate for a pound, which is nice.
  9. Can be caused by drive cables being plugged in but not attached to powered drives.
  10. Hi, Just a quick note about the screen-filling adverts that appear here. I see that these have been commented on in (closed) threads below, with this response - * These ads only show for guests, so just login to avoid them - they are not shown to users! (on a related note, logging out just to see these ads seems like a strange pastime!) So just to say that I noticed these ads after returning to the forums after an break. If I were a potential new user, I very much doubt I'd have stuck around to register, especially since a) the advert popped up after just a few clicks into a forum and b) the advert hijacks the browser and takes the user away from the site. * If you are a guest and tired of the once weekly ad, then register (it's free) and login c) These are showing up much more frequently than once-per-week. * This is for a testing period only. The e-lites campaign will be removed I'm glad to hear that, I think they're detrimental to site quality, and will discourage new users. Lastly, on an unrelated note, this is the second time that I've typed this stuff out. The first time, I had a title that was "too short". After submitting, a page appeared telling me that the title was too short, and that I had to enter something more descriptive ("ad feedback" is not descriptive or long enough?). Unfortunately, the message was a new page. Going "back" in the browser lost the entire post content. This is very frustrating, and could easily be avoided by some active scripting (if you really must impose a 15 character minimum size, make it so that you can't submit without it) or, at least, warn users of the requirements before the point where they'd lose a post. A tooltip on the title box, or some text next to it, for example.
  11. Remember not all PSUs are equal. Try to obtain a quality branded PSU, as it's worth it to protect the rest of your components. Some cheap knockoff claiming it's providing 350W probably won't do so. The graphics card requirements will probably drive what sort of PSU you need in the end. Recommendations for the latest cards see 500-700 in the specs, and decent PSUs will provide the required 12V outputs. For older cards, of course, much less would be required.
  12. As big_g was hinting, it sounds like you're basing your opinion of the energy saving bulbs on the 1st generation stuff. More recent bulbs are much improved. There's also a lot of variety out there.
  13. If it's just another girl of the same age or thereabouts though then it most likely was just a prank (albeit perhaps not the cleverest one in the world.) It's not really clear what the police could do about it.
  14. Unless the plan would be to cover them in foam padding - which would be interesting for the thermal properites of the radiator - I think that'd be a bit fruitless. There will always be some edge for a kid to hit, if not immediately obvious they will search for one to test it out.
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