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  1. 11 years on.... & this thread is still here with many great stories & debates... Let's hope it's still here in another 11 years with many more local ghost stories to keep us all entertained, & chilled to the bone! Keep up the good work!
  2. RIP Ron, a true Wednesday Legend who was only 2nd to Gordon Banks for England. Respects to all his family & friends. WAWAW!
  3. I'm always watching.... Nice to see nothing's changed much & the self important blunts still think they run things on here, so many posts by you lot (mainly wondering who I am or who is me!) seems I'm keeping you all on your trotters. Anyway, just thought I'd nip in to say Merry Xmas & have a happy new year. WAWAW! UTMO!
  4. Would you like a straw with that large helping of brown nosing or a shovel maybe 'Mr Clooney'..... Dear oh dear....
  5. As silly as welcoming me back?... Even though (apparently) you only joined last year? Goodnight pal, we all have lots of info at our disposal. Take it you enjoyed reading the SUFC programmes?
  6. You seem to know an awful lot about me to say you joined only last year?... And I haven't posted much at all in the past year.. So, you have a lot of research material I take it lol! You do make me smile at times mate... :-) By the way, you heard the one about the blade who got caught in the sheffield united dressing room doing strange things?.. That also made me smile.
  7. It's just like old times isn't it lol!... Did I take any photo's!...do I have my ticket stub?... Did anyone see me there?... Hahaha!! It's great having a blade asking me to justify if I go to matches. If only you knew the truth about how I follow Wednesday you'd go quiet... But, it's much more fun to keep you trying your little games. Anyway, I've been on here far too long, only wanted to say Well Done to the Mighty Blue & White Wizards! & laugh at the blades for another dross loss! UTMO! WAWAW!
  8. And this is why I don't post as often on here any more Alex, sorry I mean Poundsworth (as you call yourself now) because people like you are so easy to spot & it's the same old game, but without the hook.
  9. Actually, yes I did.. I was there at the top of the standing area behind the goal. I will also be there tomorrow night, what's your point?
  10. Classed as failure by whom?.... You? A blade? I suppose you know all about failures though, having another great season in the tin pot league lol! Great work Clough, keep it up WAWAW!
  11. I've been here since 2004 to be shot at - FACT! Owl for life!... It's in the heart, not just a sentence on a forum.
  12. Perfect weekend Owls thrash L**ds 6-0!... & blades lose to relegation fodder. Very cold outside tonight, heard it's been -6 in L**ds all weekend.. UTMO! WAWAW!
  13. RIP Paul, respects & regards to all his family & friends. We've had some great banter over the years & I am truly saddened & shocked by this news You now have the best seat in the house to watch your beloved Blades. Lestat.
  14. Another great Sheffield double! Well done The Mighty Owls for another dominating match, clean sheet & 3 points to lift us up the table. As for the other side of Sheffield... Oh how I laughed :hihi:
  15. Fantastic point for the Championship Owls, although like many say we should have come away with 3 points. We made Charlton look like their pathetic pitch, especially in the second half when we absolutely battered them. Maguire was excellent and looks much fitter & sharper, hopefully he'll put afew in the back of the net now he's given a chance to actually play. Well battled though lads and here's to New Years Day at Hillsborough, and must just say the MASSIVE following was immense! proud to be an Owl with our blue & white barmy army, always give 110% no matter how things are going on the pitch (and I use that term lightly at the valley, what a heap!) Happy New Year to all Wednesdayites! UTMCO! WAWAW!
  16. Good Morning All:) Just passing through the mucky mire to wish you all a happy festive period. Nice to see Sheffield united still creating negative stories in the national newspapers. I might nip back this way soon to see if anything's changed, I know how much you miss me.
  17. And of course you have unequivocal proof that ghosts do not exist. The paranormal activities around the world, the hundreds of thousands of experiences every year, the basis of religions around the world .... are all down to gullible fools. Nice sweeping statement.
  18. A MASSIVE invasion looks in order! shame they haven't got a bigger stadium for us to fill :hihi:
  19. Prehistoric! 3 Steps backwards! HOOOOOFFFFFBALL tactics! Ran out the meeting thinking 'Wow'!! This is the best story of the year! So funny Lol!
  20. Arnold said: "In all honesty, I didn't have to think too long or too hard about it. It just wasn't for me. Unattractive United scares away managers! Graham Arnold "Forget that the financial offer in itself was quite poor, but I would have been taking three steps backwards in my development as a professional coach if I had gone. "I walked out of that meeting with the club's board and football director Dave Bassett, and said 'wow'. It just blew me away. "Being one of the bigger lower league clubs, I was expecting a lot more in terms of how they wanted to develop as a club on the field. "But they just didn't seem interested when I was talking about playing a short passing game and taking the football another level up. It was about smashing the ball long and working on set-pieces. "It was prehistoric stuff. That's not the way to develop a football team." HOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! ---------- Post added 02-06-2013 at 18:40 ---------- I hope, in my lesser power as a mere mortal that this thread stays - more to show how your lot have fallen than to talk about a new manager - check out uniteds tactics for next season!!
  21. Not only would they not say no Frank, but if by some miracle they declined an offer like that, the car parks around town would be full of trotters and shoes in the air. And I wouldn't hold your breath on an answer either, they only come on to tell us Owls when we're allowed to post!
  22. Agreed mate, two of our more passionate players over the last few seasons. But, onwards & upwards. UTO! WAWAW!!
  23. Nice to see you & rossrooney keeping tabs on all apologies if I need to clock in to post, forgot you guy's run the forum these days. Anyway, still here & still laughing at the blades failing and languishing in the pub league! UTO! WAWAW!
  24. No truth in this at all, united don't have any stars :hihi:
  25. Heard tonight that Llera & Semedo have left Hillsborough for pastures new.
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