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  1. Exactly, the lorry driver was convicted of manslaughter and only got a 12 month sentence so the case was solved and unlike Odie states.
  2. I met Trevor some years ago at Forest Lodge, I guess at the time he was being downgraded ready for his release. The first thing he did was shake my hand and introduce himself. He was very honest to me about what he had done and also told me about some of the highly publicised prisoners he met in Rampton etc. At first I thought he was having me on as he was the meekest mildest person you would ever wish to meet but he wasn't kidding. I'm sorry to hear of his passing but I must also stress that I feel sorry to the murdered victims and any surviving family members reading this.
  3. Yes I remember the shop you mention, something tells me it was the House of Barrington and later moved to Attercliffe . Just been reading about David Barrington, he was in the sports business at the time you mention.
  4. Tried this by turning of router for around 10 hours and still the problem exists. I will ask the provider which is Virgin to change the IP, which I'm sure should sort the problem. Big thanks for all the advise.
  5. Not for everyone I guess but perhaps one of these might help? The real Tail it bicycle tracker! GPS for bike hidden in the handlebar. Or other types of trackers. We know protecting bikes is a real pain, for instance whilst at work some company's will now let you take your bike indoors or provide a secure room. As with cars professional thief's can and do change the vehicles identity's and send them aboard for instance. Bikes do have serial numbers and other identifying security can be added, however the stolen bike has to be detected first. Perhaps all bikes should be registered on purchase on a central computer as with cars so the police can check suspect stolen bikes through a type of PNC.
  6. The last time it worked a few weeks ago I had ordered some car parts without problem. It does make me wonder why they have blocked me (which is more than likely) Big thanks for the replies.
  7. Thanks to the last 2 replies which made me think. I used a phantom VPN and guess what I got through to euro. This must mean my normal ip is blocked by them surely?
  8. Thank you tried that but still no luck. I'm almost sure their blocking me, why I really don't know? I have tried to connect by more than one pc through my internet, even my mobile phone is the same. The only way I can reach the site is by using my phones own internet allowance.
  9. Hmmm… can't reach this page www.eurocarparts.com took too long to respond Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  10. I have no problem getting on any site on the net except one? For about a month now I cannot get a connection with eurocarparts whatsoever? Its as if I'm blocked, any device on my internet will not connect to them, although my phones own internet will? Any ideas please.
  11. Somebody is doing the very same thing on Ebay already.
  12. No wonder shops have none for sale this is not just panic buying in my view. Has anyone else noticed this? Just look on the major selling sites, its gone mad. Looks to me like some people are buying them to sell on at £2 or even £3 per roll.
  13. Little Johnny can be seen here at La Casina Bianca Abbeydale Road. Top right & Middle left in 1973.
  14. I remember his shop on London road going towards Heeley bottom in the early 1970s. There was a bike high up on the wall in the shop that I always understud was a competition winner? I would guess that Wilsons on City road might have info on Henry Holmes and his bikes.
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