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  1. Somebody is doing the very same thing on Ebay already.
  2. No wonder shops have none for sale this is not just panic buying in my view. Has anyone else noticed this? Just look on the major selling sites, its gone mad. Looks to me like some people are buying them to sell on at £2 or even £3 per roll.
  3. Little Johnny can be seen here at La Casina Bianca Abbeydale Road. Top right & Middle left in 1973.
  4. I remember his shop on London road going towards Heeley bottom in the early 1970s. There was a bike high up on the wall in the shop that I always understud was a competition winner? I would guess that Wilsons on City road might have info on Henry Holmes and his bikes.
  5. Little Johnny had a restaurant on Abbeydale Road in the 1970s. Forgive my spelling but it was called "La Casinia Bianca" He always had nice suits and cars to match. RIP and sorry to hear of of his passing.
  6. Anyone else on here been sold moldy cheese from Jack Fultons? The cheese I bought was well in date but wrapped in a way that you would not notice until you open it at home.
  7. The mind boggles https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/well-known-male-arrested-in-sheffield-1-9468796
  8. Always thought this was a strange company name. I remember taking power tools there to be repaired many years ago....https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05510478
  9. Lowfield school, now I find out they were student dentist. Im sure they filled all my back teeth to the max for the hell of it. Every tooth they did has had to be crowned over the years. I know its not just me either, there are loads of similar bad stories:gag:
  10. Ebay often claim that an innocent sellers account has been hacked. I think in some cases an account has been built up with feedback before its used for fraud by the actual person behind the account. Ebay admit to very little, they seem to be a law unto them selfs and do not want to admit vulnerability.
  11. I suppose Shipman was quite sly, he was actually waiting to pounce. These cases are not always quite what they seem and a lot of things are not fully investigated. He was quite arrogant and could not own up to his own guilt. I understand he was acting as the wing GP giving out advice to other prisoners before he died?
  12. Thanks hillsbro, for some reason I always thought the lock up known as Water lane was actually the cells in the old town hall come crown court.
  13. Can anyone clarify exactly where Water Lane was? I always thought it was or near by where Castle Green is?
  14. Bardwells on Abbeydale road are very fair priced.
  15. It seems this excuse for a human being will never learn. Perhaps a lobotomy before he can be released would be a good idea.
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