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  1. Knowledge and courage to say what aurora??? That's the point, she refuses to say anything yet her face shows that she feels what they are doing is wrong
  2. I'm amazed at cleo. What a spineless woman she is. How can she not say anything. If she sits on the fence any fence any longer the spike will go up her arse. She is really annoying me for not saying anything to the three immature bullies. And then sits with them and has a giggle herself. Get her out!!!
  3. Thankyou so much for all these words of advice. Especially to halibut and miss tetley. It's good to hear other peoples stories. I really don't know what lies ahead but i know that our son is probabably going to get me through this, he is my main focus. I have a few friends who live close by but no real family to speak. I still love my partner very much and who knows what the future holds. This is a mutual decision and hopefully amicable (we'll see). The forum definitely sounds a good place to share stories and get advice and also make some friends. Thanks again to all of you. xx
  4. wow, can't believe people have replied so quickly. thanks for the kind words. Unfortunatly our relationship has been deteriating(sure that's not spelt right) for the last 18 mths. We thought we could work things out when i found out i was pregnant but it just isn't working and i don't want to stay together just for our son. He is a wonderful dad though and i hope we stay on good terms.
  5. hi, i'm new to the forum. I am about to become a single mother. Wow i am so scared of what lies ahead. My son is just 4 weeks old and i have been with my partner for 18 years. Our relationship has just totally broken down which i am extremely sad at and will probably never get over it . Wondered if anybody is in a similar position. Any words of advice??
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