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  1. I gave my 2 rescue dogs cold tea with milk to drink when the had kennel cough and it eased the cough every time !
  2. I use them and would recommend them . Very caring staff and listen to requests ( i.e. Feed this dog of mine before the other one ) I used to live in mosborough but now in Derbyshire and still travel to take them there !
  3. Hi , just an update of the issue . I got a dog training collar as a last resort . Told the aggressive dog " no " whenever he stared or raised his lip to my other dog . Second "no" and pressed the control button ( only used vibration setting ) and everything is peaceful in our household now . Well worth a try for anyone else needing help
  4. ccit, all you have said is spot on and I have indeed been accidentally bitten twice . The attacks are becoming less frequent but obviously one attack is too many .i totally agree that he maybe better elsewhere too . It took such a lot of effort and cost to get him here and most of the time he's calm and happy that I feel I need to give it a bit more time . Thanks for your reply !:-)
  5. Thank you and I appreciate your help !! I appreciate any opinions and advice . I know I may have to give him up but for now he's still worth fighting for . I know if it gets too much for my setter I will do the right thing . Thank you to everyone !
  6. They are all neutered males . We have tred stopping the fights and also letting them sort it themselves but the young one doesn't stop when the setter submits . There seems to be no trigger .
  7. The two new ones are brothers so they get on fine and they both get on with my springer They all get on ok most of the time and even play together but we cannot see what triggers the new one to attack the setter . We have been through a lot to bring them home and they are such lovely dogs that I was hoping someone maybe able to suggest what the problem is . I don't think it's to do with fending for themselves on the beach as they are ok with the spaniel . They are very young dogs , 1 year old and the setter is 6 . Any suggestions would be great !
  8. Hi , I rescued 2 brothers from Greece last summer . I have 2 other dogs too . They have settled in nicely apart from one of them randomly attacks one of my previous dogs for not apparent reason . Even when the previous dog submits the new one continues the attack ..... having to consider rehoming the new one !! Please help .....
  9. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=379582&highlight=cherry+tree Hi Tony I'm not good with links So I hope this one works . It may be of use to you . Welcome to the forum by the way
  10. Guinea pigs can become very territorial especially when youngsters are introduced to the cage. They can be vey aggressive and coud kill the youngster or bully them and stop them getting to the food. I would just give your piggie lots of attention or you could end up having to buy a new cage etc .
  11. I could never understand how the church gave permission for some of the grave stones to be used as part of the path and road inside the church yard . I'm not religious but it seemed very disrespectful . I'm sorry for rambling on but this is a fantastic trip down memory lane for me
  12. Oh and we played in all the big pipes etc as they built the subway . Wearing wellies that were far too big for us and taking half the water and mud home in them as we didn't care that the water was far deeper than our wellies were high . Mum was never very happy at the water gushing out all over the kitchen floor !
  13. Hi, Are you sure it was the 60's and not possibly the 70's as I lived and played around there as a child and I was born in 1967. We sat and watched the diggers and saw some bones etc in the soil. I remember the police being there too and imagined that bad people had buried dead bodies there without anyone knowing and they had been found out ! Kids imaginations eh? the play ground was fantastic and we played there all day every day , unless rough kids came from other areas .
  14. The procedure doesn't hurt . You have discomfort for about a week, like bad Period pains and slight bleeding for that time . I had no menstuation at all for 2 years after
  15. The school has relocated so future students will still have an education ! It merged with East Hill and is now located at all Saints school site .
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