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  1. heard some1 been shot an theres one ov those incedent tents behind the flats on southey green road
  2. been a pupil at abbeydale grange in the 80's, we used to go in the celers of holt house,there is a tunnel that goes from there to beichiff tower/abby. dont know about know!(sorry about spellings)
  3. my dad used to be in the fortunes in the early days, carnt help thought. have you tried there website.
  4. as been mentioned on this thread, if you dont speed, why worry about unmarked vans. what annoys me is the money they spend on scoobys an evo's and most of the time they are pullin cars for miner stuff like broken lights ect.........they could do that in a smart car
  5. i presume you have read my thread. it was a year since i started it. at the moment i have little time, but letting you know i will find time for you, if you like by email, pm or in person to how its affected me, what treatments ive had, how good they have been and the struggles ive encounted.let me know by the means ive expressed. i will not have time till monday but after that ill do my best to help if i can. pm me over the weekend, then ill share my experiences with you, it may help.
  6. if you can find 1, a book called "sheffieldish" by my step dad Derek Whomersley.
  7. Ill never forget when i was 15 (now 39) when we all used to buzz round the car park off Crookesmoor Rd and go to Matlock (tut tut..... You could get away with it in them days) And he came up and got mi GP100 running and stuck wasp handle bars on it, i thought it was the bees knees LOL Then he really tried, to get me a push rod for my peddle and pop in 89. Just a couple of funny memories i will treasure for ever of Micky. Been good mates ever since. Bikers really came through for Mick and his family, good on ya lads an lasses, still got a lump in mi throat. R.I.P. Micky
  8. If only car drivers had the same respect for each other!!!!!!
  9. been disabled, i only went to cemetry, but what a send off. me and my step bro met him when we were 15 (im know 39) what a brill person he was and still is in our thoughts. didnt think it would have happened because he was one of those people that have always been around! R.I.P. MICK (FLYNNY) FLYNN And love and thoughts to his family. paul ford and dave kerkhoff
  10. what good have you done any one glove girl!!!!!!!!
  11. well i am disabled, an have severe mobility problems, but i still get in my wheel chair and get a strimmer to my garden when i am not in pain. so i can be arsed and i can pay, so why do sanctuary say they will help (garden pledge) but never do, at the end of the day they did offer, but never went through with it. don't make any more comments to me cause I'm getting bored with you and probably a few others are to:huh: why not start your own thread "my bog gloves":hihi:
  12. This thread was started "what do you think of Sanctuary housing?"So people could air there opinions. Its obvious to me you haven't heard of Garden Pledge, they do elderly and disabled peoples garden who are unable to do there own. in the last 3 years Sanctuary did mine once, and yes 1 year i paid out £150 to have mine done so people like you didn't look down there nose at me:rant:
  13. Yes it is the contractor that made a genuine mistake, but its sanctuary you put your repairs to and there the ones that muck you around:loopy:
  14. PT= that's absolutely right, got it in one;) ive got a fantastic place to put Phylis's glove
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