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  1. I think I will defo be going the N96 when my renewel is available, the tv on mobile will be pretty cool, BTW its released 31st of this month.
  2. I heard they were shoddy when tyring to do things like txt etc, I bet its the same when surfing when trying to type addys!! Im looking forward to the newer phones i.e N96 which will push technology forward, not sit still
  3. to be honest you aint got it that bad on virgin, when I was on bt their unlimited limit was 40gb!! I used to go over that in days, I managed to get out of my contract early due to them telling me it was unlimited. I went to Be* and now download 300gb+ a month and have never been throttled. Trust me if you leave them for an adsl(2) provider make sure its not one of the big ones i.e sky,bt,tiscali, plusnet etc. as they will cap the hell out of you if you download. If you want a good provider go be/o2 truly unlimited..
  4. Again if the prices fell lots I really wouldn't be that concerned as I bought my house when I did, I didnt over stretch with my mortgage(£620 p/m ish), and at the end of the day its a long term investment, and a roof over my head its not a money making project. I'd just prefer to be paying what I would be in rent on something that I will own. Just makes sense to me.
  5. To be honest in my area I have noticed house prices have all gone up in the last 6 months, quite alot, meaning if house do crash I wont go into negative equity.. We have been living in our property almost 1 yr and it has risen by around 25%. Thats going on the house prices of neighebours houses for sale, and sold in the last 6 months. Each time a new one comes up for sale the price keeps rising and there still selling.
  6. The site hacked was the playstation site. Maybe another sign of Sony not keeping up to date with technologys!!
  7. Oh dear for anyone who has visited the Sony PS site recentley. http://news.yahoo.com/s/cmp/20080703/tc_cmp/208802208 Now i'm defo glad I have an Xbox as I wouldn't want to be scammed!! I would have expected Sony to have noticed though!!
  8. My transition from BT to Be* was seamless I was without internet for about 5 mins, I was well impressed.
  9. I had a think about upgrading from N95 to the new Iphone, but have decided against it. 1. the level of technology is low in an Iphone, as already stated the n95 is over 1year old and has all the 'new features' the iphone is boasting. 2. My upgrade isnt due untill the end of the year and by this time there will certainley be way more advanced phones on the marked dvb tuners etc. 3. I dont need a brick I could continue but all I have to say is the 'new' Iphone has only just managed to catch up to technology's over a year old!! Not a good move by apple, but as with the Mp3 players i.e archos, creative etc. apple likes to use other companies ideas, but not create cutting edge technology. But its fine if you like shiny things!!
  10. I'm 2 miles from the exchange and have and have a noise level @ 39-41db and get around 15meg with Be/o2. Thats on fastpath and its pretty stable. If I want it rock solid I drop my dmt profile to 10-12meg and it stays rock solid with great pings for gaming. Hope this helps
  11. For me though I look for somewhere where I can download alot and at times suitable to me, if the need ever came I would subscribe to business broadband to fulfill this need but at the moment Be* fits the bill who knows next year or the year after things might be different
  12. maybe you should remove it, as I suppose if the other companies outlined it ( I know orange and tiscali are really bad) they would have the same branding, I think it just shocks people a bit more when they have proof that things are being throttled. Where as when I was with BT they wouldn't tell me at what limit the fair use policy kicked in luckily I managed to get out of their 12 month contract as they breached there own terms of the FUP.
  13. Be* is by far the best offeres upto 24megand no download limits, great customer services and it cheap! I get 15meg(as i'm 2 miles from exchange) and download 400-500gb a month and have never been capped or had my speed throttled. No offence but before the guys from plusnet jump in and say that it wont last I dont care I go with which ever provider gives me the best speed/download limit if it was plusnet i'd be with them but as everyone know they have one of the most heavily managed network which for me would mean throttles and caps!!
  14. Really, is that what you have?? I was correcting your fact that was wrong, get over it!!
  15. Come on if your gonna correct someone make sure you get the facts right!!! 1 gig = 1024Mb!!!
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