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  1. I know it sounds silly but I 'just knew'. I did the test about 4 days before I was due and sure enough... Now 28 weeks.
  2. Hi, I'm expecting my first baby in April and was jsut wondering if anyone else is due that month? I live in walkley and would really like to meet some local mums-to-be as I don't have any family in sheffield and none of my other friends are even thinking about babies!
  3. I'm not talking about HIPs (I don't know enough about them to comment yet), its the energy efficiency that I'm interested in, I don't know whether a low energy efficiency rating would stop me buying a house at the moment but with rising fuel prices its certainly becoming more of an issue for a lot of people (and thats without any ethical reasoning). I do agree wholeheartedly that house buying/selling is a total nightmare though! Perhaps we need a cultural shift back towards people putting down roots and moving less often. We could all save a lot of money and heartache!
  4. I'm interested in eco-renovation and am trying to get information on the best types of house to look into and the most energy efficient building materials etc. How energy efficient can you make the average victorian terrace? What are the best options for achieving high energy efficiency? Can it make a significant difference to the price of the house? Personally I think we should all make our houses as energy efficient as possible for ethical reasons but I was wondering what the realistic cash benefits are for renovation and selling on? I'm trying to persuade my partner who is sceptical, that eco-renovation is worthwhile!
  5. I've done this in my house. I think the structural calculations cost about £150 and the work itself about £200. The RSJ was £30 from a scrap yard. Its made a huge difference to the house and means we have a useable kitchen rather than a mini kitchen! Also its made the whole room lighter and brighter and generally nicer. Good luck with it..
  6. Has anything happened with any of this yet? I'm really interested in eco building, and although not in a position at the moment to get involved myself, I'd love to hear all about these projects. Maybe you could keep an online blog?
  7. Thanks for all the replies... it sounds like the old trams are fondly remembered. Its such a shame we don't have them anymore, I'm a huge fan of them as a means of public transport, and it seems that they are being reinstated in lots of places, including parts of london!
  8. I have tried to look this up online, but no joy. Does anyone know why the old tram system was scrapped? Is there any chance it could be reinstated?
  9. I honestly don't know, but I think its unlikely. I was just agreeing with kenH when he said that the conspiracy theorists had probably got it wrong too. I think what I'm trying to say is that with corporations so powerful in the world today, the fact that the media is largely owned by these powerful bodies probably throws up a certain amount of problems in terms of 'clashes of interests'. After all a corporations primary function is to create wealth for its shareholders, there must be times when accurate and truthful journalism is sacrificed to prevent scandal and loss of profit? Thats just my opinion though.
  10. Thanks! To those who think I sound paranoid, I know, but the fact of the matter is that the media IS largely owned by big corporations (or mostly Rupert Murdoch!!), and I personally wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them (ie, not at all). I don't think I'm being watched by the men in black (or aliens, or the government), but I do think that what is read in the media and how events are portrayed, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Thats all. Its not a big conspiracy as such it is just corporations doing what is in their interests, if this coincides with the truth then fantastic, but often I think the two are at odds. Don't believe everything you read!!
  11. LOL! I was wondering who they were!
  12. I think its a great idea... Everyones a winner!
  13. As I neither have children nor a car, I really am not part of the problem!!!
  14. He he! That doesn't sound like fun! Its true that even the most gorgeous colour can turn out to be all wrong though... Tester pots are definitely the way forward, even if they do make your house look like a patchwork quilt for a few weeks!!
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