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  1. How is the traffic around park square roundabout & Hilton hotel? I'm just about to set off to an exam held at the Hilton, can't be late. Thanks
  2. Thanks to the inconsiderate soles who smashed my bf's van window last night I'm after someone that would come out to replace it. Any ideas? plus if they could come today it would be a god send. Cheers
  3. Does anyone know of anywhere in Sheffield that sells battered / deep fried mars bars? A chippy at Stannington used to sell them when I was younger but don't know of anywhere now. Please help..
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did search before i posted the thread but didn't find anything.
  5. I've heard that Banus is closed, has anyone got any info on this please? thanks
  6. Thanks to the wind yesterday I lost my ridge tiles from my 2 year old house So.. can anyone recommend a roofer? Cheers
  7. Can anyone tell me the name of the school that replaced Herries School? Thanks
  8. I went and signed my life away at the weekend. Had my induction and I think its a good fitness suite. I did notice the weight training area aswell (don't know if this is new). I think its good value at £25/month including use of the swimming pool and any classes. This gym is perfect for people who are going after work as it opens around 5pm in the week not so good for people who prefer to go duting the day though. I've heard you park your car at risk though so I'll watch out for that.
  9. I'm going to lose the weight. You should come along. I went to have a look at it last night and the fitness suite is quite nice but small and I don't know how busy it normally is. I'd prefer it to be quiet less people to watch me suffer!
  10. I'm thinking of joining Springs Gym which is joined to Myrtle Springs School and just wondered if anyone is already a member or what people thought. Cheers
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