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  1. hi,does anyone have any recipes for persian meals?
  2. i had a meal from there last night,fantastic quality and good value.Gonna finish it off for breakfast right now.
  3. me and my cousin are bored with listening to the same old radio stations at work(radio1,2,magic,real,absoulute,etc.)we were discussing this when we had an idea,what about a station that just does quizes?does anyone know if such a station exists?you could have pop quizes,history,goography,food and drink etc.and to break it up you could have an hour of music for guess the year.what do you think?
  4. thanks for the advice,think ill go for the xbox.
  5. im wanting to buy a games console but not sure which one.its either the nintendo wii or xbox 360.the wii seems like a good choice because of wii fit etc but i have been told i would get more use from the xbox.any advice please.
  6. hi,has anyone on the forum ever been for a meal at any of gordon ramseys restaurants?im wanting to book a table there for a wedding present for my cousin.just wondered if anyone had any info,i.e-food quality,best restaurant,prices etc.thanks.nick
  7. when are you doing the walk?me and my girlfriend have 4 rescue ferrets(beckham,lucky,roxy,misty)
  8. hi,im wanting to take my girlfriend for a nice romantic meal,preferably abbeydale road,woodseats area.does anyone have any good recomendations?thanks
  9. hi,has anyone ordered anything from mfi recently?we ordered two wardrobes a few weeks ago and are a bit concerened if we will be receiving them as the company went into administration yesterday.we have tried phoning their helpline on their website but no one is answering.
  10. hi,me and my mate are wanting to have paragliding lessons.we have looked at one club who charge about £200 for a 2 day course but you only get to fly to 30 feet,which doesnt really seem worthwhile.does anyone have any recomendations on clubs and courses?thanks
  11. just wondered if anyone has any ideas what to do this new years eve.25 of us(kids,adults and some older) were supposed to be going to hollywood bowl but its fully booked.any suggestions would be much apreciated.thanks.
  12. hi.i am wanting to get a few t.shirts printed.anyone know the best place to go(woodseats area)thanks.
  13. hi,could anyone tell me the times for women only swimming at heeley baths?thanks
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