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  1. An oldie, but House, which I dismissed for so long as just a medical drama. Incredibly well written, well acted; just brilliant. Currently at series 5.
  2. I think I can see what is coming and I'm pretty sure it will play a big part in him becoming Saul. Poor Jimmy, always getting screwed over. Not an actual spoiler about the story (because I don't know what happens), just something about the tone of the next episode:
  3. Watched episodes one to four so far and really, really enjoying it. Saul was my favourite Breaking Bad character so I was looking forward to this. I'll catch up with the remaining available episodes tonight.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/WaxwingsUK/status/527581958294208512 They're here!
  5. There isn't a tube between London and Croydon, it is only a National Rail train. To clarify, travelcards and Oyster cards are valid on all of London's public transport network. Here is some information that will hopefully clear things up for you: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/ticket_types/46575.aspx Assuming your partner will be using East Croydon station then she should be able to get her travelcard or tickets from there - it's a proper railway station. Make sure she ensures she does get on the quick train (stopping at only Clapham Junction between East Croydon and Victoria). There's also a not-so-fast one that stops at eeeevery stop.
  6. £12.50 seems too much. The Croydon stations are in zone 5 and with a daily travel card should only be £8.90 - have a look here: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/oyster/using-oyster/price-capping#on-this-page-3 I travel between central London and Croydon everyday everytime I go and stay with my brother, and I know on my Oyster it is never more than £8.50 per day (that's my train journey to and from central London and all the underground journeys I want to make). I would have suggested getting an Oyster card but the travel card only seems to be 40p more.
  7. Wish I'd remembered this place when I was down there last weekend! I was stuck for something a bit different to do. I second the Hunterian though, very, very interesting place if you're not squeamish about deformed genitals and dead babies in jars. Greenwich and the Royal Observatory is worth a visit, with great views over The City. The museum at the Observatory is mostly free but you do have to pay to stand on the meridian line if you wish to do so. There is also the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum there.
  8. I can't get them to come to either of my niger seed feeders! I hear them and see them flying around but they just won't come to feed. The blue tits will sometimes have a go at the niger seeds but other than that it's been a bit of a waste. Even the woodpigeons won't touch them if I scatter them on the ground.
  9. ^ It's on Tuesdays at 21.00, BBC1. I really enjoyed the first series but need to catch up on series two. Off to iplayer I go!
  10. I'm late to the party - only started watching it recently. I'm almost at the end of series one and trying to pace myself so I don't get through it too quickly, but I'll be having a binge this weekend. Love it!
  11. Dragging up an old thread. Has nothing come of this or is it still in the pipeline? I haven't been on the forum in quite a while and was hoping there'd be a wildlife group in the General Interests section. I think it'd be of interest to a lot of forummers.
  12. The problem is that the further west you are, the more likely you'll hit clouds. East is forecast to be clearer, and east is where I hope to head (I have no idea where to).
  13. I finally watched the last episode last night, accompanied by thunder and lightning which was perfect. I liked the ending. I really don't mind that things were left unanswered, they were bound to be when there's another series coming. I thought it was a solid episode, and rather emotional. When they tried to take Victor away from Julie and she said she'd go too, sacrificing herself to stay with him, it was very affecting and that whole scene was brutal and uneasy. I don't know what to think of Thomas, ruthlessly picking out the 'others', but endangering the whole group anyway by leaving Adele (is it Adele herself or the baby they want?). It's hard to feel anger towards the character because he did what anyone would do, protected his own. kirstyp86, I wasn't sure if it was the old town or new town they were seeing either. I still have it recorded so I'll no doubt have another look. It's a long wait until series two, which I hope is the last series. I stuck with Lost for six years, right until the bitter, crappy end, so whatever the ending to Les Revs is it can't disappoint me. Nothing can disappoint me now I'm just going to play the soundtrack on repeat until next year.
  14. Mary Anning is who I wanted on there too. It's disgusting the way Caroline Criado Perez has been treated. Rape threats are a criminal offence, they (hopefully) wouldn't be tolerated in real life and they shouldn't be tolerated online. Laura Bates who runs the Everyday Sexism Project receives similar threats. There are some utterly vile people around and the internet has made it all too easy for them. I find it worrying and unsettling how a threat to dehumanise someone in the worst way possible gets thrown about so casually, like it means nothing.
  15. In and around Annecy, I believe. The dam is Tignes Dam.
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