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  1. I was at trent bridge a couple of weeks ago for the cricket and they did have smoking areas in various parts of the ground, I'm a smoker but and I thought it worked quite well. I am sick of these none smokers taking up valuable seating in the smoking areas
  2. There is a writers group on this forum and some talented people. I wrote a book a few years ago for a laugh and a bet and i really enjoyed the entire process, the book was crap but I proved myself wrong and i can write 70000 words
  3. I know there is a place for all this fluffy stuff but you know what would you rather have this or
  4. PM Dawn, Of the heart, Of the soul and of the cross:- The Utopian Experience is crap, I know this because the person I was shagging at the time loved the album and it was " our" album. There was an Utopian Experience but as it is a family oriented forum I cannot say much more
  5. Tony Wilson RIP Send me a PM and I'll see what I can do
  6. http://artmonyforums.free.fr/musique/Nouvelle%20Vague%20-%20Too%20Drunk%20To%20****.mp3 nouvelle vague
  7. Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past. http://www.acad.polyu.edu.hk/~04029949d/song/November.mp3
  8. Nuns in Leather volume 6, I preferred their earlier work
  9. Retro, 5 CD box set of New Order and then I'm going to move onto Joy Division, a bit of Cabaret Voltaire, a selection of Happy Mondays, some very early James and OMD
  10. I'm sick of it and I have been for years. Aggression or assertiveness seems to be working at the moment for me but I'm a big bloke and I don't mind a scrap from time to time. I've been called weird, mad, quirky and whatever else and it did get to me a few years ago as I had the same stigma attached to me when I was at school and it can be damaging , particularly when the repetitive re-enforcement starts to kick in, they say you are mad then you must be mad or act mad. **** them, my life is a lot more interesting and entertaining than theirs and I only need to work a couple of days a week.
  11. http://www2.b3ta.com/host/creative/37226/1171450438.jpg Words cannot express how much this man meant to me. There's only a few people who have changed society with a thought and he is one of them. He introduced me to some great bands who I still love and adore, some ok bands who had their moments and some utter dross but at least he had the sense not to sign The Smiths. I met him a few times and each time he was charm personified and what came through more than anything was the fact that he was a music fan and historian. It took 3 hours and 6 pints for him to agree that Band of Gold by Freda Payne is a sadder song than Love Will Tear Us Apart and he only gave in due to me ranting and acting like a ****. A few years later I go to In The City and I'm in a crappy little venue and Mr Wilson's at the bar at the side of me as I'm ordering and he says " you have a Sheffield accent and I replied Band of Gold is still the most miserable song of all time. He didn't run or hide but he had taken on board what I had been saying a couple of years earlier about Band of Gold and had gone back and listened to it and realised that its not a song that should be done that way, it needed a Bessie Smith or Nina Simone dirty growl. http://www.kevinwurm.com/Music/Freda%20Payne%20-%20Band%20Of%20Gold.mp3 Anyway, to the bloke who brought us, Joy Division, New Order, Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, Crispy Ambulance, John the Postman, James, OMD, Cabaret Voltaire and god knows what else thank you.
  12. No, it's by people like you who believe in the fairytales that your god is better than the other god that causes the wars. Holy crusades and jihad and all that. The sooner you religious nuts **** off and let the rest of us who don't believe in your crap the better off this world will be. Wars and warmongers always invoke gods name which everside they are on.
  13. I still think they should be kicked out of the league and a full on investigation into the receivers who resold Leeds back to bates when it wasn't the best offer on the table for the people and companies who were owed money. Its stinks massively of fraud as do many of Bate's other business dealings over the years.
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