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  1. Depends on what is wrong with it. What are the symptoms? It could be something as simple as a detached wire. Any lights when it is turned on? Does the display work? Any sound?
  2. Is it saying you need gsuite before you can watch the video, or is it saying you need to sign in to see your history of watched videos? I have never needed to sign in to watch a video.
  3. So it sounds like the road you mentioned is a highway. I hope the residents or owner have public liability insurance, on google street view the road seems to be in a poor state of repair.
  4. It is possible for an unadopted road to be a highway, in which case the normal highway parking laws would apply. For unadopted roads there are 3 options: 1. Unadopted road which is a highway 2. Unadopted road which is not a highway but which the public have access to (but not necessarily for parking) 3. Unadopted road which is not a highway and with no public access
  5. Depends. If the road has been designated a highway then you are correct. If it is not a designated highway I think it is up to the owner to decide who can park there (being unadopted doesn't mean it does not have an owner). Also it is possible the residents have an easement that allows residents to use the road. The situation isn't quite as simple as you think it is.
  6. ok, to view a website don't use the search at the top of the screen, use the Silk Browser icon.
  7. The site suggestions are just that, suggestions. You don't have to use them, type the full address and hit the enter key.
  8. It sounds like you have two apps both called "Messages" on your phone. Samsung want you to use their Messages app which interacts with other Samsung apps, and also probably sends lots of data to Samsung.
  9. There is nothing rubbish about windows 10. When I upgraded my 72 year old mums machine from 7 to 10 she was able to continuing using it with no problems at all. How many other companies will continue supporting a product for free for nearly 11 years after launch?
  10. The upgrade to Windows 10 was free. MS announced the end of support date for Windows 7 more than 2 years ago. If councils have been unable to make a decision about upgrading for 2+ years whose fault is that?
  11. I live in a leasehold property and the ground rent is £4 per year. Every year I get a letter from an estate agent acting on behalf of the landlord asking for the rent and I pay by cheque. This year the estate agent sent a letter saying they were no longer collecting the rent as it was no longer economically viable for them to do so, and the landlord would be in touch some time. I have not heard anything from the landlord and the rent is now overdue, is there anything I need to do? Any risks of not paying? I don't have any contact details for the landlord.
  12. Whatsapp is based on phone number, are you using two different Whatsapp accounts, one for each sim? If you are trying to use the same account with 2 different numbers you may have issues.
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