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  1. andysm

    Is my new HDD dead?

    Existing disk is regularly failing to read sectors, so I am planning to do a new Win 10 install and restore some files from a previous backup. Just wanted to partition the disk before doing the install.
  2. andysm

    Is my new HDD dead?

    Interesting, just tried the disk in a desktop machine and it spun up ok. Looks like it is the caddy that is the problem. Now how am I going to prepare the disk without a caddy? It is WD Blue 1TB.
  3. andysm

    Is my new HDD dead?

    Am using it with a caddy, but the caddy I am using has a separate 2A power supply for the HDD, and it has always worked fine in the past with 2.5" and 3.5" disks (it supports both).
  4. andysm

    Is my new HDD dead?

    I just bought a new 2.5 inch HDD to replace a failing disk in a laptop. When I power up the new disk it immediately starts making a ticking sound (about 2 ticks per second), it doesn't seem to spin up. I tried another HDD (different brand and model) which worked OK. Is this likely to be a dead disk or could there be some other explanation?
  5. andysm

    sky go on android7

  6. andysm

    No 51 buses on monday?

    From the Travel South Yorkshire website: Redmires Road will be closed between the junctions of Pitchford Lane/Sandygate Road and The Ridge for road works on the Monday 26 November 2018 (0930 – 1530). Service 51 will terminate at Crosspool between the time stated and will not serve Lodge Moor. Service to operate as normal to Manchester Road at the junction of Sandygate Road then divert via Manchester Road, Coldwell Lane and Sandygate Road before resuming normal route towards Sheffield at Crosspool shops.
  7. andysm

    Is free speech a thing of the past in England.

    We have the right to free speech in the UK, enshrined in the Human Rights Act, but there are a large number of exceptions - more than in most western countries. Some of the exceptions are vague and subjective, while others are impossible to disprove ('I was alarmed by what he said').
  8. andysm

    Chrome viruses /spyware?

    Nothing dodgy there. CasaleMedia & Double Click seem to be tracking cookies, nothing much to worry about. Go into settings and turn off third party cookies. You may also want to try adding the "ublock origin" addon which should block most of these sorts of cookies.
  9. andysm

    Is something wrong with my router?

    "Ethernet cable from that router (gigabit wired connection) through plugs and in to my internet input on my own router." By plugs do you mean homeplug devices? If you are using those then that is probably your issue, those things are not very reliable, particularly if you are using them between different floors of a house.
  10. andysm

    Accident in Tesco

    Supermarkets have a duty of care to their customers. If you want to take this further speak to a solicitor, do not take 'advice' from an internet forum.
  11. andysm

    Broadband speeds at High Green Exchange?

    There's no way you are a mile from the cabinet with those speeds. If you could get 50Mbps then you are probably no more than 300m from a cabinet.
  12. andysm

    Talktalk tv to go

    If your laptop uses microsoft windows you will not be able to install the google app or the TT app, these are only for phones and tablets.
  13. Maybe the Marantz device needs a firmware update?

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