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  1. I used to have an S4 and also had problems with it sometimes getting hot. I found it would often get hot if I left it near something made of metal. A few times it got hot while sitting next to the window on a train, and once it got VERY hot when I was carrying it in the same pocket as a e-cigarette machine. I got rid of the phone as I didn't trust it not to burst into flames one day!
  2. You will still need an internet provider with a chromebook. When out and about I use my phone's hotspot for internet.
  3. I don't think it should be compulsory, but any cyclist who doesn't have insurance could be just one accident away from becoming bankrupt.
  4. Have you tried: #31#[phone number] ?
  5. How are you watching? Now TV stick, Chromecast, laptop, etc ...?
  6. No, that is the single person discount, I am asking about Council Tax Support which is for people on a low income.
  7. Does anyone know what the maximum amount of Council Tax Support (aka Council Tax Reduction) is in Sheffield for 2019/2020? I can't find this info on the Sheffield gov website and phoning SCC is a nightmare. I'm pretty sure it was £12.99/week for 2018/2019 but I am trying to find the 2019/2020 figure? Thanks.
  8. Manufacturing a mirror this size and putting it into space would put massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and make our situation much worse.
  9. A VPN won't really protect you from malware. If most of your internet traffic is via a web browser, then most websites these days use https so the traffic will already be encrypted. Someone could still see which websites you are visiting from the DNS lookups. Most email services these days use TLS so the traffic to/from email clients will also usually be encrypted, though some ISP's free email accounts do not use TLS (e.g. Plusnet).
  10. Also, be very wary of free VPNs on Android, a recent study found around 85% did not provide adequate security, some of them contained adware or spyware and some were fake VPNs insofar as they didn't actually do anything.
  11. Depends on what you are trying to do. Are you trying to watch US Netflix shows from the UK? Then you need a VPN with US servers that are not on the Netflix blocklist. If you are worried that your ISP or someone in the coffe shop is monitoring what you are doing then you need a VPN that uses good encryption and with servers in a country that can resist court orders. etc. I sometimes use PIA (Private Internet Access) when I am out and about, it is not free but it works well, but I have never tried using them to watch US Netflix.
  12. Security depends on the customer service reps, the company procedures and how well trained the CSRs are. I don't know if Tesco Mobile have their own CSRs or use the same ones as O2. GiffGaff support is via the GiffGaff support website, I don't think they have any telephone based support. Mobile account takeovers are usually a human problem rather then a technical one.
  13. This sort of mobile account takeover is sometimes used to gain access to text-based 2FA codes in order to allow the attacker to take over more of the victims accounts.
  14. andysm


    Are you sure it is the monitor which takes a long time to come on? It could be your computer takes a long time to boot up.
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