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  1. Hi, On my grandads Marriage Cert. he lived at 161 Crookes and he married my grandma who lived at 199 Crookes, this was in 1927. My mother was born at 199 Crookes in 1928. As far as I know in 1928 No 199 was a fish and chip shop.
  2. Hi LindaandKarl, I left 57 in 1967 to join RAF, my sister was born there in 55, my grandad died there as did my dad in 84. My mother lived there until they pulled it down in the 90's. Stuart Mackenzie
  3. Hi Buster, No offence taken. I used to play football on the road also and when they grassed over the tram tracks on Prince we had grass and floodlight. My mother lived at 57 until they pulled them down in the 90's
  4. I remember the Brailsords and I think the father was a grave digger. I lived at 57 from 1951 to my leaving to join RAF in 68 and remember all the names plus a lot more. The poeple I remember living at 61 in the early 50 were the Jolliffs ond the Horners. Son of grumpy old man.
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