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  1. Just found this page on facebook ,you can post your swaps ;D https://www.facebook.com/Hendersonsrelishlimitededitionbottles?fref=nf
  2. Was so beautiful last night and so sad at the same time r.i.p sweetheartxxxxxxx Also some of the children did a sponsored run and raised £296 welldone kids
  3. Jasmyn chan fundraising night on Saturday 17th of May at Hollin bush intake Hollin bush are having a fundraising night on Saturday 17th of May and we are wanting to raise as much money as we can to help jazzy's amazing family anything you can do will help also they are doing a raffle so any prizes that you have to donate would be much appreciated tell everyone you know and get the word out as jazzy was such an amazing girl and deserves the best send off and remembrance anyone could ever imagine.Thank you ---------- Post added 11-05-2014 at 21:19 ----------
  4. If anyone has any info please contact the police asap please The car, described as small and dark-coloured, possibly green, and maybe a Volkswagen or a Honda, was travelling downhill towards the A57 Mosborough Parkway if you are the driver of this car please contact police immediately. There may have been reasons that you didn’t stop last night, but now a girl has died and they need to speak to you. “The car is likely to be damaged from the collision. Have you noticed a small dark car that is damaged on your street this morning? Are your friends and family acting out of character today? Were they out in their car last night?
  5. Ive just sent a admin a message aswell asking for them to pin this thread to the top of the posts ,That way it will get more views x
  6. No problem hun ,my 15year old lad knows gary also, Just hope hes home very soon x
  7. Heres a link to a picturehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1402448456641421&set=a.1374596526093281.1073741827.100006288390977&type=1&theater of gary on facebook
  8. Well dont think they was making paperclips:suspect: .....ive just searched the net again for a different news article on the subject and ive quoted the part about the freescale crew below and also a link ..... in order to kill key technology personnel who were on board this flight: another angle that so far has not been properly investigated. The 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor work on technology such as making aircraft invisible to radar. Coincidence? FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR This opens up further possibilities: some of them on board were used to assist in making the aircraft "invisible", or other hijackers on board, or a plot involving MOSSAD (based on usual likelihood given past track record of involvement in downing aircraft around the world) Israel's secret service, rather than the more amateurish Iranian secret service, or indeed any other group that wants either the technology or to know how it works and to defend against it -- are behind either an abduction of the personnel in order to gain such knowledge, or a suicide, murder, or shoot-down of the aircraft http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=633992 And another news article stating the same info http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/malaysia-airlines-plane-mh370-latest-conspiracy-theory-were-freescale-semiconductor-top-employees-1440097
  9. I agree bedrock ,all this is a bit strange ,from day one . Found this from a french newspaper and found it very interesting and make you wonder if the plane has landed somewhere ??? also read somewhere they was a passenger that had inside info about something or another. Heres what it said ............................. Malaysia Airlines: Twenty engineers "Freescale" on board So there were twenty employees Freescale group aboard the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines. They were en route to a business meeting in China. It is the Group CEO, Greg Loewe, who announced in a press release stating that twelve of them were Malaysian nationality, eight Chinese nationals Freescale Semiconductor is a firm based in Austin. It has a dedicated team of specialists to support defense forces. Freescale's commercial products cover various sectors -Communications on the battlefield -The avionics , radar HF bands L and S -Le missile guidance electronic-War -The identification, friend or foe (IFF) OK ... Nobody talks about in mainstream media. Is it there in the heart of the reasons for this? it seems clear that it is not window washers who were on this trip but senior engineers. Then? Chronic Rorschach and deepen the subject: " Regarding the mystery of flight MH370, two important details have not been released. 1) - With today's electronic weaponry, an airplane may seem to disappear. 2) The twenty passengers Freesacle are linked to U.S. defense contractors in the field of high tech electronic weaponry. Capabilities include electronic warfare weapons that allow you to hide aircraft. This electronic weaponry is not only available, it is already being deployed. A he used to hide or disguise the missing plane? " But let's see what are these new techniques: "New electronic weapons permit interference, blindness, muting and more, so that a plane could disappear radars while security systems would not activated. At the radar strategies against basic electronic-measures used in electronic warfare are: 1) radar interference 2) modification of the target 3) the modification of the electrical properties of air. For example, an evaluation report of the U.S. intelligence concluded that an Israeli attack against Iran would go far beyond airstrikes with fighter planes and likely see the deployment of electronic weapons against the grid, the Internet, mobile networks and frequencies used by emergency first aid to Iran. Another example, Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking a maintenance signal that controls the network laptops "is set sleep "and effectively stopping transmissions. In 2007, the Syrian military got a taste of this war when radar air defense of the country summers lured by Israeli forces. At first, they made sure they show no aircraft in the sky and then a moment later, they made sure that radar show hundreds of aircraft. Last year, he was announced that the new stealth technology aircraft not only makes them invisible to radar but also to the human eye in the manner of an invisibility cloak. " To do you do in a diversion is to eliminate or capture those brains? This morning a new element revealed by the New Obs , enables this thesis: Two sources close to the investigation told Reuters that radar data suggest that the flight MH370, who disappeared Saturday without a trace, was deliberately aimed at the Andaman Islands. An unidentified aircraft that could be the Boeing 777 in question was on a heading defined by "waypoints", which means that someone with expertise in steering was at the controls when it was spotted last by military radars off the northwest coast of Malaysia, it is said the same sources. All this does is it not known since a long time by different governments. ? Why waste time looking for debris that do not exist? Will it secret negotiations? A Will is 219 passengers sacrificed to eliminate 20 scholars? Or do we removed 20 brains to use their knowledge? What happened to the other passengers? A single episode of the great technological war? Which is to maneuver? Is this a way, after the bombing of the Kunming Railway Station which had left 30 people dead and 133 injured, to tell China to keep away from the US-Russia conflict? Implied: "We have the potential to poison you life cheaply ..." Ask ourselves because we asked users to search for debris on the sea But not on the sea ... On the big flood of internet, many indexes also raise questions. And now today they state, No more searching will go ahead ,the plane went down ,everyone died ,so please go home ,Sorry but im not buying it !!!!
  10. Hi does anyone know what the queue Position on sheffield property shop is all about?. Is it just a count on how many people have bid for the property or it is that people have more years waiting in front of myself ?. Its my first time using the new site and ive bid on a property that says, my Queue Position is 13 ?
  11. No its not the same one thats coming to sheffield sorry i didnt state that ;( i just shared it to show folk what its all about
  12. [quote=salsafan; I'm sure that some people in Sheffield have Henderson's Relish in their DNA. love this bit in your post :hihi::hihi:
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