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  1. no not the person with a crown,had a run in with a person selling doggy dvds. ,,,, said queen the band performed in sheffield,please could anybody owt there spred sum liyt on this cheers
  2. hanks boys or girls thort it was tony cunnigam but ad t make sure it wud av cost me fre drinks 4 a blunt
  3. could you please help me who was the first black player too sighn for wednesday
  4. so the big man at the top has dropped his prices ,not a chance,just a bigger earner 4 him (cheap labour)
  5. seems that the jobs in construction hav died a death ,Ihave been a bricklayer for 27 years but i dont seem to be able to find a job, WONDER WHY ?
  6. so glad the birley hotel never got a mension it now looks like a gay bar of the 70,s
  7. can anybody out there help me i would like to connect my pc too the the tv but ime not very good with things like this. I no u can do this,but i cud do with some help regards aj
  8. depends iff you are going t cross the building line
  9. its an allcok areal not boxed but in perfect condition,caught many a few trophys
  10. does anybody out there no anything about pre war fishing reels
  11. 27 years experiance anything considerd
  12. bricklayer with 27 years experriance needs work
  13. is this albert chin who lived on the manor near the motehall pub
  14. has anybody ever tried to restrain a person out of there head on crack or charlie
  15. kev{bettys} drinks in the birley now so dus bill a true fighter is our bill
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