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  1. if he put a whiplash claim in for himself, it will look very strange that the rest of the people in the car dont have it.
  2. the last gig i went to beer was £4 a pint (in plastic cup of course), it cost too much to waste.
  3. niceley marked babies.they r really pretty im sure you wil re-home them easily
  4. they are gorgeous my son used to have 1 she was a great pet for him.
  5. i think its set up as per your post , anyway it let me back on the net , so thats good , well good for me .;-]
  6. pluged all the wires in , rebooted the system, all works , not sure how to make it safe tho, so others cannot use it. but powered the laptop up , and it was working there too thanks all
  7. thanks for your comments, i have taken slh73's advice and it comes tommorrow,if i never come online again i am having problems
  8. right to start with i am very thick , so please be as plain talking as you can , i am on telewest (or whatever its called this week) my connection to the net is as follows cable from outside>cable modem>pc. the modem to pc cable is ethernet to a usb port on my pc so far so good now i have got a new laptop with wifi, so i went and got a wireless 11g adsl router, now how do i connect the router into the system, it has a adsl input and 4 rj 45 outputs or have i got the wrong type of router, if so can sombody put a link up to the correct type of router? any of this making any sence still?
  9. hi the wiring looks normal but they should have fitted some heat proof sleving over the brown/blue cables,that would have been supplyed with it . nb: its still normal for the earth not to have heat prove sleving fitted and for it to go brown 60 w bulb sounds about right, the main problem is the heat inside the fitting builds up and has noware to escape to, so it slowly cooks the wires over time , the easy cheep answer , is to fit a low engery bulb or a replacement fitting. but as its in a bathroom it should be a sparky only job ,. good luck
  10. not sure if this arrangment would work as any kind of heater takes a lot of power , and a windmill is not able to make this kind of power,unless its massive and very expensive. can you not take mains power down? what about a parafin heater ?(or somthing simular)?
  11. i wonder if your tom tom has a problem ,can you put your memory card with the tom tom on into another phone? or another tom tom into your phone.
  12. Does anyone know whether connecting new light fittings needs to be done by an electrician or could I do it myself and if so, is it easy for me to do? I dont have any electrical experience. no you can replace your own light fittings you do not need a electrcian,but you will need a electrician if the lights are in the kitchen or bathroom you are not alowed to put a fan/light in a room where theres a gas fire. if you dont have any electrical experience its best to get sombody who knows in . they could be nine differnt wires up there, black ones that are really red (sombody with experience will know what i mean) there could be just three up there, be safe not dead. get sombody in , buza is highly recomended.
  13. as above realy, who does it , where can you do it , and how much does it cost to get your hgv licence? help please.
  14. no they cannot stop you for speeding
  15. if on yahoo mail ,you can set your mail up to block e mail addresses,that will stop them getting thro, i expect other mailboxs will do the same thing that way they just get bounced back to the company sending them
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