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  1. Deap Vally are excellent. Have their single End of the world on Vinyl. Can't wait for this gig. Ones to watch I reckon.
  2. I can now reveal all!! I have from a very reliable source, been told the following : The bees had initially swarmed on the side of the HSBC bank at the side of the river. There was a large mass of bees on the side wall and they then began swarming onto the walls of the bridge. My reliable source knows a local bee keeper so gave him a ring. He came over from Loxley complete with receptacle to collect the bees in (the wicker hive looking object). Later on there was another swarm of bees on said reliable source's house. The bee keeper then removed these also. Mystery solved!
  3. He also told me not to worry as they were honey bees and therefore wouldn't sting me!!
  4. I saw the bees as I got off the tram. They had been dumped on top of some white sheeting in the second flower tub. There was a large, wicker type receptical that looked very like a hive and a large number of bees coming in and out and swarming round. Families with young children who were coming home from school were crossing the road to avoid them as there were so many buzzing around. A man was stood nearby and I asked him if he had any idea where they had come from. He told me a man from the environmental health department had dumped them there!
  5. Brilliant! Please remember that it is the last one tomorrow as we break for the summer holidays. It will be back running again in September though. Hope to see you tomorrow.
  6. I can vouch for the Craft Club at the Millenuim Galleries as I am a regular member! It's free for anyone of any ability and is run by volunteers under the arm of the Museums/Galleries. We have recently contributed to the amazing coral reef in the current Deep Sea exhibition. We all have different abilities in both crochet and knitting from absolute beginners to seasoned 'proffesionals'. The lovely thing is, we all help each other and learn by sharing our skills. Members range in age and are a really welcoming and friendly bunch. We will be meeting at 10:30am till 12:30 this Thursday (12th July) and the same again on the following Monday 16th. We then break from summer but will be back again in September. Anyone wishing to come along, just turn up. Bring your needles or hooks or if you don't have any there are plenty to borrow
  7. Depending on how many photo prints you want, Jessops do 200 for £10. Can't find them cheaper anywhere else and the quality is good too.
  8. Sadly since the demise of the Hillsborough Forum, it certainly does seem as if things aren't getting seen to as quickly any more. Having seen the 'protest' on the railings, it seems to me that whoever did it was trying to make people aware of the fact that this matter should have been seen to a long time ago and is unacceptable by anyone's standards. Yes, the elections are coming up and you would think that local councillors/prospective councillors would be falling over themselves to get stuff done in their area. I think it's a fun way of highlighting a serious issue and would love to see more of the same!!
  9. As someone who volunteered with Hillsborough Forum and benefitted from the work they did, I can only say that it will be a huge loss to the community. The people involved came from all walks of life, different political backgrounds and views, different ages and abilities yet we all worked together for the greater good of Hillsborough. I have lived here (or round about) for the majority of my life and am very very sad to have lost such a brilliant organisation. It's loss will be noticed!
  10. As far as I know they are planning on sending him to Talbot School.
  11. It's just a residential home. They also want to send another boy there who is non verbal and his only form of communication is Makaton. Guess what? None of the staff know Makaton! I intend contacting Blunket first thing wednesday on her behalf and mentioning the recent panorama programme on the care system! Doesn't hurt to push a gentle reminder about how ****** off people are.
  12. I have a good friend who is in an impossible situation at the moment. She has a 15 year old, severely autistic child who has been attending/living at Fullerton House School in Denaby for the past few years. He has been settled there but Sheffield LEA have pulled the funding and he now has to leave. His last day is 29th July. Sheffield LEA now want to send him to live at a Social Services facility called Bridge House which is run by a company called Pathways Care Solutions. My friend has been to vist the home and was shocked at what she saw. The building is old and in a bad state of repair and obviously hasn't had any modernisation done. The windows are old ones with no locks or security, there were pipes sticking out of the floor where old gas fires had been disconnected and the pipes just sawn off and capped but left sticking out and the building as a whole had little in the way of security for keeping the children safe. Her son is prone to escape, climb through windows, wander off etc and there seemed little to stop him doing so. The workers there were all very young and didn't seem to understand the level of care that would be required to look after her son and keep him safe and unharmed. She is naturally, very concerned. She has raised this with Social Services who just say that if she refuses the placement they will send him hundreds of miles away to a residential facility up north somewhere where she would struggle to visit him due to other family committments. She's tried to contact her MP David Blunket but has been told he is away so has recieved no help at all. She is at her wits end with worry and is determined her son is not going to live at a place where she would have seriousl concerns about his safety and welfare. Time is running out and she doesn't know where to turn for advice or support. Does anyone have any experince of Bridge House or know anyone who may be able to help or advise about this matter? She really is desperate. Many thanks
  13. Yes that was so touching. I cried when I saw it! More fungus than bucolic!! How very very true lol!!
  14. As a lot of you will be aware, Sheffield anarchist and general trouble causer Mozaz died in January this year. We have plans to scatter his ashes on his birthday in August and are trying to let people know. I know a lot of his friends contributed to this initial thread on here about his illness and subsequent death and expressed a wish to be there when his ashes are scattered. If you are wanting to come, please feel free to PM me for more details or comment on the facebook event set up to co-ordinate this. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=243347312344593&view=wall&notif_t=event_wall I know he divided opinion but please bear in mind, a lot of us are still extremely sad about his death and it would be nice for this thread not to turn into a slanging match! Thanks Sam xx
  15. I'm also interested. Can get some stuff printed up and framed too. Will PM you ok.
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