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  1. Does any one know what price the weekly tram only is to be ??
  2. Hello there I am David Cornthwaite from Hunsley street
  3. I left and eventually ran my own butchers shops i had 12 at one point, packed them in in 1995 as the trade was poor for butchers with all the supermarkets. Ian & eric opened a shop together and i sold them a bit of equipment it was in Jordanthorpe, not sure if it is still trading. Not seen either of them for years now. I remember many a friday after work us all going for a few beers. So what hospital you at then.
  4. Michelle, I remember you well, yes It was Ian Charlesworth, John lever,John Collinge,Myself, Little Tom, Tony (with the beard ) and Eric Shaw. We had some great days back then and what a busy shop it was.
  5. Hi do you remeber me what was your second name, i think i remeber you
  6. Yes i worked with John for a while at Dewhursts then he followed me to Wrays Butchers, His he still with Sharon ? I can be contacted on Davidcornthwaite@talktalk.net Bye
  7. Roger Bacon, you will remember his daughter Denise and i used to know her mum Kath.
  8. I remember Stan Francis his cane hurt. I also remember mr Blackmen i used to be in the first hut when i was in the 3 rd year in Loxely team.
  9. Yes i do she was my form teacher in about 1972
  10. Yes he told mi Dad i was a parrot because it was in a parrot's cage
  11. So if your not Mark Edwards who are you John C ??
  12. That bird got me into bother a few times it used to follow me to scholl, sit on the railings outside the clasroom and got more attention that the teacher. Have we established who dogsneck is yet ? Pigeon remember when we went camping in Bradfield and the cows nearly knocked the tent in. We had fresh trout and baked beans for breakfast.
  13. Yes i bumped into Macca in a pontins camp about 6 yrs ago he was doing a show there, then saw him a couple of times at hillsboro baths.
  14. Yes when the house was knocked down we had to move, but i hated it so travelled until my parents could find a house to move in back in the area.
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