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  1. The price may be going up now, but when the government cracks down on all the drug websites there being used on they will become worthless.
  2. I Know many people on sick benefits for "depression" who dont want a job because there got it good on benefits
  3. have you tried freelancer and fiverr? there will be plenty of coders on there looking for work
  4. Do you remember the account what posted it? maybe the police could trace the computer?
  5. this is true, alot the suns story's are complete BS
  6. because if you did know who it was you could tell the police
  7. hope they catch the scum, syp should offer a much bigger reward
  8. there nationality doesn't matter if they deliberately came to this country with no means to support them selves its there own fault there homeless. we cant afford give everyone who comes here a free house
  9. If anyone comes to this country to live they must be prepared to support themselves why should we have to pay for them?
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