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  1. Hi, I am looking into getting a couple of ferrets. I have done research into just about everything, feeding housing, diseases,temperament etc. However, I'd like to be sure that if I needed someone to look after them (emergency, holiday etc) they were being well looked after. I'd rather find someone before I get them, just to be ready for most things! Likewise, doesanyone knows of any Sheffield, South Yorkshire or not too far out of county ferret rescues?
  2. This is a well known scam. There are no puppies and the people placing the add are abroad. These scams always offer a low price for popular breeds of puppies (often chi's). The english in the add is often a bit suspect and doesn't flow properly and they always say they are in a different city and that the dog will be delivered by courier. Often they only get the deposit but sometimes they will ask for the full amount up front. Its almost always the case that if it looks too good to be true, it is!! I would also never advise buying any animal and having it delivered without seeing it and the home it comes from.
  3. The Police often have Shepherds to rehome that are not suitable as police dogs and are lovely. Their number is 0114 2202020 and ask for Niagra kennels. If they dont have any suitable they may know of some in rescue.
  4. Whilst I was looking after a stray recently I took her into the basketball cage on the Bolehills. Its not massive and it has gates at both ends but during the days its usually free. Its good for chucking a ball around.
  5. Have told my mate who is a police officer and on duty about this and asked him to check it out and speak to the owners. Its not strictly on his area but he says he will do his best.
  6. Phone the police and report it. They have powers to break into the car if the dogs are in distress. They can also do all the relevant checks to find the keeper of the car, make sure they are ok and assist RSPCA with any prosecutions
  7. It might be worth contacting South Yorkshire Police dog section. They use springers for drugs dogs and sometimes have dogs that are not suitable for this for one reason or another but would make good pets. They always re-home these dogs. They might also be able to put you in touch with rescues etc.
  8. Sorry, should have made this clear. I have informed the dog warden, spoken to local vet and local dog wardens and police. No-one has come forward to claim her. When I found her she was extremely skinny but is now looking much healthier. I have also spoken to local dog walkers etc and no-one has seen her before and no-one has come forward to claim her. I am reluctant to take her down to the dog pound but am unable to keep her myself.
  9. Reason for Rehome / Sale - stray I am unable to keep. Time Scale – How Urgent? - As soon as possible Sale Amount - free Has the Dog been in Rescue - not as far as I know Location - Crookes, Sheffield Age & Sex - female, approx 3years Breed/ Mix - black whippet cross KC Registered - No Approximate size - average whippet size Exercise Needed - has been content with two 20 min walks, chasing her ball around, but would be equally content on a long hike. Neutered & Micro chipped - possibly spayed. Not chipped Vaccinated & Wormed - yes, both Live in / out - I would say she is an indoor dog. Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - not known Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - None. Has been checked by vet and is fit and well Temperament - fantastic, clean in house, loves everyone. Good or Bad with Children - great with children, very kind and gentle Dislike of Men or Women - likes everyone OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - great with other dogs, not sure about other animals. Travel OK in Car - great in car, just settles off to sleep. Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - has been left for a few hours with no problems. I Imagine she could be left for quite a long time, she is very chilled (as long as you don't mind leaving her on the sofa!) Destructive Behaviour - not at all Barks - Has barked a couple of times at dogs when she has been tied up. She has also barked once or twice at the post!! Pull on the lead - yes, but she is a fairly small dog and learns quick. Crate trained - no Housetrained - yes, has never made any mess in the house. General Information you can share about the Dog. I found this dog as a stray around a couple of weeks ago. She is fantastic with my three year old son. She is very clean in the house and is good when left. She is friendly with everyone but is quiet in the house. She will happily go for a long walk, chase a ball around or chill out on the sofa. I am not sure if she would be suitable with cats or small animals as she is quite keen on chasing squirrels when outside. I cannot say what she would be like with a cat indoors though. I have had her checked by a vet, who thinks she has been spayed as he could see a small scar, but could not be sure. I she has been checked over, de-flead adn vaccinated. I am unable to keep her for personal reasons, but she will make a fantastic pet for a family, couple or single person. she is great with my 3 year old son, very calm and gently around him.
  10. I tried to potty train my little boy at around 2 1/2 and three and he would not sit on the potty or toilet. In the end I asked him if he wanted to wee standing up like daddy, and he has been doing it like that ever since. It only took a few days of this before he was sitting on the potty and toilet (prior to this, poo's were a nightmare). Its worth a try for reluctant potty sitters!!
  11. You can get a check done on your own criminal records etc by the police, whether employed by anyone or not. Anyone can get it done and it is the same as a CRB check. You just have to fill in a form and send it off. It takes about 4 weeks.
  12. Does anyone know of a vet in Sheffield who specialises in or is knowlegable about tortoises? Mine is looking a bit poorly and don't just want to take it to the local vet. I am in S10 area but am willing to travel.
  13. I go to a toddler and baby group at Stephen Hill Church at Crosspool which is lovely. It is on Monday between 1.30 and 3.00. Its in the church hall and the Church itself is on the junction with Benty Lane and Manchester Road. Its shut for school holidays but starts up again on 13th November.
  14. I am being a bridesmaid in May. I know the bride is on a tight budget so I have offered to pay for the bridesmaid dress as a wedding present, instead of her having to fork out for the dress and me buying her a present she will never use!! You could try suggesting this. It works best if all the bridesbmaild agree on it though.
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