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  1. anybody know where i could buy these ? i use to get one from the bread van when it came round but he no longer sells them and i havent seen any in the shops at all.
  2. they not botherd wot they do there, when i was at the olive grove college across from bus depot i use to go to the petrol station in a morining and the forklift truck was always out, there would be cars driving up the road and the forklift truck driver would just swing out in front of cars making them swerve.
  3. did not see the 23:22 one, maybe i was looking the wrong way but i saw the 1st one.
  4. this country is gerin worse i see more insects everyday that ive never seen before in my life but dont want to go near it because i dont know wot its capable of.
  5. found this in the window today dint know wot i was so i killed it. http://tinypic.com/r/rrnxx5/3 it had a very loud agressive buzz, and dont know what the hell that is sticking out the back, maybe a sting or something. it was massive it was about a inch or so, and the legs was pritty long too. has anybody seen 1 before ?
  6. found a power pack on ebay so now ordered one, got a bit of a problem with it the start button has a springy piece of alluminium tht touches a point on the circuit board and the springy metal has snapped so ive took the button out and i will av to poke someting in the hold to press the remaining piece of metal weva it will still work or not i dont know. i dont know if the thing works anyway because my next door neighbour gave it me and she said she dont know if it works or not so when power pack comes we shall see.
  7. i emailed a bloke on ebay he had a grandstand for sale it was not the model i have it was another his comes with 9v but he said he ant got a clue what mine would take. im probably guessing they was all pretty much 9v, would you think so ?
  8. hi, i have an Adman Grandstand tvg 3600, it can take an external power supply but im not sure what volts it should be, does anybody know. heres a pic of the console:
  9. ive fixed the problem i just clicked delete history and cookies god knows how many times. its not stayin logged out.
  10. tried refreshing and it just logs me back in and yes ive deleted cookies, password fields and other stuff and it still keeps me logged in, it really wunt be a problem if it was doing it on my pc but its doing it on my dads laptop and he cannot log in with his user.
  11. yep done all that, it's never done this before.
  12. i cannot log out of this forum, i click log out n it says it's logged out but then when i return to the home page it's logged back in again. i have tried deleting cookies and eveerything and it still stays logged in. how can i stop this ?
  13. nope im am just downloading off websites.
  14. ye sorry people i am use to putting mb lol i meant to put kb yh.
  15. we are with orange for out internet, we have a package which costs around £24.99 n u get 8mb broadband with free orange livebox also our bt phone has been switched to orange and also we can plug a phone into the wireless box and have 2nd line where it is free to phone orange mobiles anytime of the day and then phone becomes free after 6pm and also the normal line becomes free after 6pm. very good package it has never let us down, the internet has never gone down on us its always been fast.
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