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  1. Good evening. My wifes car has failed its MOT on the fuel emissions. I have changed the back box as it had a hole in and also the cat section. It is still failing on emissions. Does the cat need to be run in? Is there anything else i should be looking at doing? Car is an X Reg 1.1 Clio Grande Thanks
  2. Right guys, Friday 22nd August will soon be upon us and I currently have 12 out of 100 places booked for this match, if you are interested please let me know and I will put you names down and arrange pegging fees with you. Anyone who can not make the match but would like to donate to such a worthy cause "Macmillian Cancer Support" please do so by clicking the link below and donating no matter how big or small it will all help. https://www.justgiving.com/Memorial-Fishing-Match
  3. No night fishing. You ate best to ring Roger or Andy Glover bud but think it may allow 2 rods some big lumps in mid 20's and a few 30's
  4. I can vouch for tin mill its a good club. 2 ponds one full of silvers etc other carp and silvers plus 3 miles of river don
  5. Hey. I am trying to find out who owns the land which the plumpers strech resides on (part which the gate allows access to) a few friends of mine have been down tiding up pegs etc and we would like to get gate access to allow us to park our cars etc. any help is appreciated
  6. Keeps going dead when trying to ring it.
  7. Does anyone have a number for these? the ones I have found online don't work, Thanks
  8. Kiveton Waters just off Hard lane, Virtually every peg is suitable for a disabled angler
  9. I fish Chesterfield canal quite a bit and like the stretch near lock keeper pub
  10. Yes back in your day that was the idea but nowadays google is helpful plus with these commercial alot of the fish were fed a certain times of the day and a handful only expect that like a mate of mine who built his own lake in doncaster up until recently the fish would only feed certain times of the day
  11. Anywhere you fish should be good. Its how you approach it and do your reasearch on it. If i have never been to a venue i use google and facebook etc to find out as much as posdible before doing my prep for the days fishing
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